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5 extraordinary and sustainable hotels in Scandinavia
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5 extraordinary and sustainable hotels in Scandinavia

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The future of travel is sustainable. Luckily, eco travel doesn’t have to be neither budget nor boring. In this post, I’ve collected 5 incredible Scandinavian hotels that you ought to put on your bucket list. From Finland to Denmark – ready, set, GO!

What makes a hotel sustainable?

a hotel – regardless its size – can call itself sustainable if it works to reduce its environmental impact by implementing green practices in service, supply chains and maintenance. More specifically, this could be hiring local people, using local ingredients in the kitchen, reducing water and energy waste, using solar energy and eco-certified products when cleaning.

A sustainable hotel can apply for different certifications to show its guests that it’s operating with sustainable practices. For example: LEED certification (a green building certification covering design, construction and maintenance) and Green Key (a recognition to show that a hotel is committed to improve environmental performance).

Treehotel Birds Nest, Sweden

What began as a passion project of Britta and Kent Lindvall in 2010, is now one of Sweden’s coolest hotels – and one of the most sustainable hotels in the world! Treehotel Birds Nest nestles in the unspoiled nature of the Lule River valley in Lapland, Northern Sweden – and it’s about as close to living in a tree as you’ll ever get.
Made up of seven unique treehouses, guests can enjoy 360 degree forest views and modern architecture. The houses melt into their surroundings making the experience extra unique. It’s all about Scandinavian minimalism and serene nature here – but you shouldn’t be afraid of heights.

Prices start at around €110.

For more info, click here.

Hotel GSH (Green Solution House), Denmark

A world of green solutions is what await you at the quaint Danish island of Bornholm. In the outskirts of the island’s main city, Rønne, lies GSH – a trailblazer within sustainable hotels. Actually, the British newspaper The Guardian named this place one of the 10 most sustainable hotels in Europe!
The surroundings are – surprise – green and minimalistic, giving you a chance to enjoy your stay in the most eco-friendly manner as possible. Rent a bike to explore the island or enjoy a delicious eco-friendly meal in the hotel’s restaurant.

Prices start at around €180.

For more info, click here.

Arctic Treehouse Hotel, Finland

Another treehouse hotel but located in the Finnish part of Lapland; Arctic Treehouse Hotel is the epitome of Arctic luxury and contemporary Scandinavian design. From your treehouse bed, you can enjoy spectacular views of the Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun. Other highlights include local cuisine (have you ever had an Arctic meal before?) and local Lappish traditions, which will surely be something to remember.

Prices start at around €618.

For more info, click here.

Lyngen Lodge, Norway

A family-owned luxury boutique lodge overlooking a stunning Norwegian Fjord. Sounds good, right? Situated at the Lyngen Alps, this hotel offer unforgettable seasonal experiences such as dog sleighing, ski trips and winter sea safari – but summer here is just as magical (offering hiking, swimming, sea fishing, sailing and more).
If privacy and freedom is what you’re after, look no further. You have the option to book a private lodge with catering and concierge service at hand, and when you’re tired after a long day in nature, kick back in the cosiest atmosphere including a fireplace, jacuzzi and sauna.

Prices start at around €190.

For more info, click here.

Lysebu, Norway

Built as a national gift to Denmark in 1916, Lysebu is an estate beautifully located just 20 minutes from the capital of Oslo. Checking in here means forgetting all about everyday life; from the award-winning Nordic cuisine and vast wine cellar (holding 4500 bottles of wine!) to the picturesque garden and friendly staff. Ideal for a romantic weekend or as a starting point of exploring Oslo and its surrounding areas. Lysebu combines the best of sustainable practices with Norwegian culture and traditions.

Prices start at around €170.

For more info, click here.

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