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5 ways to support the hospitality industry during Covid-19

5 ways to support the hospitality industry during Covid-19

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It’s a fact. Most industries are already suffering from the outbreak of Covid-19 – and especially the hospitality industry is hit hard. Many hotels and restaurants will close its doors before the end of the year, while others might just barely survive. As a consumer, there are ways in which you can support the industry, even when you can’t travel or check in to hotels as usual. Here are 5 of them. 


1. Buy gift certificates

You may not be able to travel right now – or at least you shouldn’t – but that doesn’t mean you can’t support your favorite hotel(s) and/or restaurant(s). If you buy a gift certificate for a stay or a meal, you invest in the future of these establishments. So instead of a ‘goodbye’, it’s a ‘see you later’.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be for yourself. Any birthdays or anniversaries coming up? A gift certificate for a hotel or a restaurant is an excellent idea! Perhaps even a local one?

how to support the hotel industry

2. Order takeaway

You’re home anyway and many supermarkets are currently getting ripped for products. Perhaps you don’t want to be queuing with a lot of other (potentially sick) people in the supermarket? If so, indulge in takeaway! While many restaurants are closed at the moment, and even more will be in the following weeks to come, check up on your local establishments and order your favorite meal. They’ll send love and gratitude in return!

Some hotels also offer takeaway from their restaurants, so this might be an option too, if you’re specifically keen on a specific venue.

how to support the hotel industry

3. Tip a little more than usual

No need to explain. Tipping is always neat – now it’s necessary!

4. Spread the love on social media

While we’re spending lots of time at home, why not stop spreading the fear and start spreading the love? There are tons of hotels and restaurants (and other venues within the hospitality sector) that could use some free publicity right now, and your kind words and encouragement for them too keep on going means the world! Write a blog post (if you have a blog) or share the love on any social media platform – it’s a small investment for you, but will be so greatly appreciated! We need to help each other to stay up during hard times!

how to support the hotel industry

5. Stay positive – even if it’s hard!

Finally, try to stay positive! It may be hard, sometimes even impossible, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Even during this Corona-crisis. If the news channels and social media makes you sad or worried – turn off the noise for a while! Take good care of yourself and follow the guidelines provided where you are, but don’t panic. Wondering how you can stay positive and optimistic? Write, exercise, spend time in nature, engage in a new project, clean, cook, laugh – it doesn’t matter how or when or where, but do it for the community (both the local and the global one). Stay positive.

how to support the hotel industry


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