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5 Years of The Copenhagen Traveler: here are the most popular posts!

5 Years of The Copenhagen Traveler: here are the most popular posts!

die bleiche resort & spa

They say time’s flying when you’re in good company – that’s definitely true when I’m looking back on the past 5 years of managing this blog! What started out as a fun project of documenting my trips around Europe and beyond, quickly evolved into something more; my digital home and a part of my identity. The Copenhagen Traveler has taught me a lot about life and travels in the 60 months of its existence – and I hope it has served you well, too. I’d like to highlight this little anniversary by showcasing you some of the most popular and loved posts in here. Some of them are years old, but definitely still up to date! Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and dive into the world of high end travel and hospitality. 

die bleiche resort & spa

Pre word: then and now

“How do you start and grow a travel blog?” is a question I’ve been receiving quite often since I hit publish 5 years ago. My quickest answer? Be passionate about the topic you’re writing about, be consistent – and just do it! It takes a lot of unpaid work hours to keep a (travel) blog running, let alone getting enough readers every month to make it feasible. But like anything else in life; if you really want to make something happen, it will happen.

In the first few years, the blog was solely dedicated to luxury travel, but as I developed as a person, the blog did, too. New topics such as mindfulness and career were introduced. I moved from Copenhagen to Berlin in 2016 and I questioned myself whether the blog could keep its name, which is very location bound! But I kept loving Copenhagen and figured that a brand is a brand. And it sort of reminded me of ‘home’. Today, The Copenhagen Traveler is both an online travel guide for a large international crowd of travelers looking for solid advice on especially (North) European destinations. But it’s also my personal outlet of inspiration and a place where I share my love for hotels, hospitality, mindfulness and personal development. All in all: it’s my digital home, where I hope you’ll feel at home, too.


Without further ado, here are the 5  of the most popular posts from the last 5 years: 

Top 10 Green Eco Hotels in Europe

A few years back, I began diving more into the topic of sustainable travel, which was clearly a hit amongst the readers! A post that hits the nerve is Top 10 Green Eco Hotels in Europe. From Switzerland to Greece; these 10 hotels are made to fit both the needs of the environment and the modern traveler.

Leitlhof tyrol


5 Spectacular Meditation/Mindfulness Retreats in Europe

The idea of wellness travel is still gaining more and more popularity around the world. Leave the stressful everyday life for a while and check into a meditation retreat where mindfulness and yoga will help you regain clarity, focus and appreciation for life. If I could, I’d drop everything and check into one of these 5 Spectacular Meditation/Mindfulness Retreats in Europe right this minute!

meditation retreats


The Best Ice Hotels in Scandinavia

There are many good reasons to visit Scandinavia during Winter – one of them being the famous ice hotels. Scattered over Norway, Sweden and Finland, these eight remarkable hotels are made purely of ice and snow. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at The Best Ice Hotels in Scandinavia.

ice hotels in scandinavia

Roadtrip in Southern Spain: From Madrid to Malaga

One of the best trips I ever did was a road trip around Spain, more specifically from the capital of Madrid down to Malaga in South. I realized that Spain is one of the easiest (and most fun!) European countries to road-trip in, and I’d do it again any day! If you feel like trying the same, read Roadtrip in Southern Spain: From Madrid to Malaga for a dose of dreamy travel inspiration.

roadtrip in spain

Must-see natural wonders of Scandinavia: Our Top 5

Scandinavia is home to some of the most breath-taking natural wonders in the world. Traveling around both Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland takes time and a trip like this should never be rushed. But once you’re here, do yourself a favor and check out Must-See Natural Wonders of Scandinavia: Our Top 5. 


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Credit: Kym Ellis / Unsplash

Other popular posts:

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