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Checking in: Skjoldenæsholm Castle, Denmark
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Checking in: Skjoldenæsholm Castle, Denmark

Skjoldenæsholm  Castle in Denmark (a one-hour drive from Copenhagen) is the ultimate getaway destination if you need to unwind completely. The peaceful surroundings, the impressive history and the exquisite food welcomes guests from near and far – if it sounds like a fairytale, that’s exactly what it is! 

The presence of history

It all began a long, long time ago. In the year of 1348 to be exact. The castle was then referred to as a fortress, but there’s hardly any remains left from that time. The oldest part of the castle is ‘the countess’ wing’ with a beautiful timber framing. Today, it houses a cosy restaurants and plenty historical artifacts.
In 1794, Skjoldenæsholm was bought by the old noble family, Bruun de Neergaard, and it has been in the family ever since. So when did it become a hotel? That happened in 1971 when the family moved out of the main building to make room for hotel and conference facilities. Today, the old castle is run by Susanne Bruun de Neergaard, who is 8th generation of the Bruun de Neergaard family.

The first thing you notice when approaching Skjoldenæsholm, is the unique landscape surrounding it. The fertile lands and the old forest create the perfect settings for a quiet weekend – something most of us need from time to time. A golf club can be found just opposite the manor, and the historical cities of Ringsted and Roskilde can be reached within half an hour by car.

One of the living rooms

The ultimate relaxation

The are great routes for running in the area and it’s also possible to fish and sail in the lake. However, our stay began with an outside lunch at the nearby golf club followed by a long walk in the forest. In the afternoon (check-in starts already at 13:00), our ‘Luxury Double room’ was ready. The room categories are divided into Standard, Superior and Luxury, and Luxury is generally recommended if you need lots of space and a perfect view to the park. One of my favorite things, though, was the beautiful tapestry and fabric adorning the walls and the furnitures. Once again we could feel the presence of history.

The ultimate relaxation
The ultimate relaxation!

The restaurant at Skjoldenæsholm serves high quality food based on local ingredients. Many of these ingredients, such as mushrooms and herbs, are found in the local area by the kitchen staff, but most importantly is the philosophy of treating each ingredient with respect. This results in an overwhelmingly positive gourmet experience, where freshness and taste is paramount. Let’s just say it was the highlight of our stay! The cellar of the manor is full of handpicked vintage wine and some of this wine is served in the restaurant. Just ask Susanne when you’re visiting – she will be happy to give you an insight of what’s hiding in the cellars.

The dinner: starter, main course and dessert

Skjoldenæsholm is an ideal destination if you’re craving peace and quiet – and great food! There’s not much to do in the area, but that’s all part of the plan! Guests will undoubtedly return home with renewed energy and full stomachs (we did!) Don’t expect grandiose luxury; this is history and natural beauty combined offering guests the most relaxing weekend getaway possible.

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