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Checking in: Tivoli Hotel Victoria, Vilamoura (Portugal)
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Checking in: Tivoli Hotel Victoria, Vilamoura (Portugal)

Not long ago, we had the pleasure of enjoying a stay at Tivoli Hotel Victoria in Southern Portugal. With a large golf court and predominantly sunny weather, this is any golfers paradise, but there is room for everyone at this 280 room resort. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

A golfer’s Paradise

The Algarve Coast might be one of the most popular golf destinations in the world, but unfortunately, the region has also gained massive attention for its large number of impersonal hotels and resorts. Tivoli Hotel Victoria is not any different size wise, but it certainly differs from many of the other resorts by having a personal touch. It might be hard to notice this when entering the enormeous lobby/reception/lounge area, but stay for a little while, and you will start noticing. It is the friendly staff, the cosy rooms and the high level of quality that seperates it from the rest.

Tivoli hotels owns several resorts around the world, and they all have one thing in common; an appeal to both business travelers, honey moon’ers and families with a weakness for contemporary luxury. Today, luxury can be many things, but it always demands a certain standard and authenticity, at least in the world of hospitality. Tivoli Hotel Victoria overlooks the Oceanico Victoria Golf Course, from which there is a clear view to the Atlantic Ocean.

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Stunning sunsets and lazy afternoons

The hotel covers an area of more than 1.000 m2 and it has capacity for up to 950 guests. This may seem like a frightening information for some, but when you are here, it seems less intimidating. We came outside of high season, and you can do the same if you prefer to have the surroundings more to yourself. The large pool area is the centre of Tivoli Victoria – it is typically here you spend long, lazy afternoons with a cocktail in one hand and a book or newspaper in the other. It is vacation as it should be. However, if guests prefer the beach, there is room for that too. Just head down to the nearest town, Vilamoura, which offers a long, sandy beach with stunning sunsets. If you do not like touristic areas, stay away from here during high season, as it can be quite crowded.

The stunning view
The stunning view

The rooms take up most of the space at Tivoli Victoria – more than 900 m2 in total to be exact – so naturally, they play a vital role. There are five different room options to choose from, starting from a Deluxe Double room. This one suits most and the views from here are quite OK. However, if you want more space and even better views, we would opt for a Junior Suite or a Executive Suite. We stayed in a Deluxe Double Room of 45 m2 offering a large balcony with lounge beds and a stunning view to the golf course. Probably one of my favorite features! Inside, we could find a large fully equipped bathroom and a separate rain shower as well as a king size bed.

A Deluxe Double Room

Exquisite dining

Hungry guests will be pleased to find the gourmet restaurant of the hotel, EMO, on the top floor. It is only fair to say that EMO offered us the absolute highlight of our trip with a dinner experience out of this world. We were in for a treat consisting of 7 different courses, the so-called ’tasting menu’. which was made of different traditional Portuguese courses. The kitchen at EMO is typical Portuguese with a modern twist, which creates a very intereting taste experience. Portuguese food, especially from this region, is rather simple, but the quality is impeccable. So do not forget; a stay at Tivoli Hotel Victoria simply demands at least one dinner at EMO!

Tivoli Hotel Victoria
Tivoli Hotel Victoria


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