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Checking in: Hotel Adlon Kempinski, Berlin
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Checking in: Hotel Adlon Kempinski, Berlin

Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin is like a glamurous lady who only gets more beautiful with age. Holding a stormy yet exciting history and 20 years of hotel operations, Adlon keeps intriguing and spoiling guests from all corners of the world. Welcome to 42 hours in one of Europe’s most celebrated luxury hotels. 


Berlin, 1929. The German capital is the hub of the roaring 20’s’ extravaganza and wildness. The famous German Author, Thomas Mann, makes his entrance to Hotel Adlon, which has been recognized for its luxurious surroundings and exquisite service since its opening in 1907. This is still the case in 1929, and that’s why royals and celebrities choose this hotel as their preferred one when visiting the German capital. While the city is buzzing with life just outside the revolving doors of Adlon, Thomas Mann settles in his room and goes to the restaurant to enjoy a meal while over-looking Brandenburger Tor.

thomas mann
Nobel prize winner and Author, Thomas Mann, at Hotel Adlon in 1929

Berlin, 2017. The lobby of Adlon Hotel is glowing after having received a renovation to make it look and feel like the original lobby. It’s a warm summer day in July and the staff of the hotel is getting ready to receive the royal British family, who are staying in Berlin for a night. They have obviously chosen Adlon as their residence.
Inside, hotel guests are sipping tea and listening to the calming tones of the faithful piano, some are even enjoying lunch at the restaurant ‘Carré’ overlooking Brandenburger Tor. This year, Adlon can celebrate its 20th anniversary as a hotel.

brandenburger Tor
Evening stroll on Pariser Platz, summer 2017

A window to the past 

Luckily, some things never change. When I first entered the revolving doors of Adlon, I was a teenager. At that time, I couldn’t fully appreciate its elegant beauty and historical settings, however, I could, when I finally returned some 10 years later. I came to visit the hotel several times – for spa and for dinner – but the icing on the cake was naturally the 42-hour stay that had been planned for me months in advance.

hotel adlon kempinski

Having lived in Berlin for 10 months at the time of writing this, I feel like I’ve come to understand the city and its complexity. That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised staying at Adlon; it only confirmed me that Berlin is a truly unique place with room for everyone and everything. Adlon represents old-school hospitality and glamour like only few other hotels master today, but outside its mahogany doors lies a city full of self-contradictions, colors and diversity. It’s two different worlds, and that’s probably why luxury hotels are still celebrated as something unique; they offer a safe haven, a window to the past.

moet chandon
Welcome to Hotel Adlon Kempinski!

The hotel offers a wide range of different rooms and suites, catering to the needs of couples, honeymoon’ers, business travelers and families. My Junior Suite of 48 m2 accommodated a living room with a mini-bar, flat screen TV and a separate bedroom with a King Size and view to the court yard. After a lovely welcome, it was time to hit the spa, which is a definite must-visit when in Berlin. With 9.000 m2 scattered over three levels, guests will find a wellness area, a small fitness room and a beautiful pool. If your time and wallet allows it, book an appointment for a facial or a massage! I had a so-called ‘Ultimate Pure Gold Radiance Facial’ with signature products from Swiss luxury brand La Prairie. And if the word ‘gold’ doesn’t say it all, try feeling your skin once the treatment is over! The price for this 90 minutes facial is €190.

adlon spa

That special feeling

Hotel Adlon houses three different restaurants: Quarré (laid-back lunch and dinner with a view to Pariser Platz and Brandenburger Tor), Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer (named after the founder of the hotel, this two Michelin-star restaurant serves European cuisine with a twist) and finally, Sra Bua by Tim Raue (Asian cuisine with a European flair. Read my previous review here). In addition, the Adlon brunch is served everyday on the first floor – and it’s such as wonderful way to start the day! As a regular consumer of hotel breakfasts and brunches, I can easily say, that the Adlon version has become one of my recent favorites.

hotel adlon kempinski berlin

The Berlin, which was once the European home of the bourgeoisie (together with Paris), no longer exists, but it’s still reflected in the marble floors, papered walls and silk curtains of ‘The Adlon’. You feel it the minute you’re greeted by the porters at the entrance and as you walk along the red velvet carpet to reach the heart of the hotel, the lobby. But you don’t necessarily need to book a room to catch the feeling; a cup of afternoon tea in the bar, a lunch at Quarré or a lunch-break facial in the spa will do the trick just fine.

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