Welcome to my digital home!

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing we share a love for travel and hospitality. If we do – feel free to stick around. You’re definitely in the right place.

I’m Regitse – a 30-something hospitality consultant, author, mother and hotel geek based in Denmark.

Since living in Switzerland as a young woman (not too many years ago!), I’ve been infatuated by hospitality. To me, it’s not just an industry – it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle I’m doing my best to convey through feelings, images, words = content. What began as a brief career in hospitality (I studied Service Management and worked “on the floor” in a short period of time), evolved into a very creative path. Since childhood, I’ve been visionary and expressive, so I truly landed on my right shelf when diving into the world of communication, branding and marketing. My path didn’t follow a study book or a manual; life has been my primary educator – something I value a lot today, since it’s given me loads of practical experience working with many different companies and cultures.

Speaking of cultures; I’ve been living as an expat in several European countries (yes, Switzerland was one of them and it’s still a destination I return to as often as I can). Now, after 5 years in Berlin, I’m back in my home country, Denmark, living with my son in the beautiful countryside. That’s my happy place and where I find inspiration for my work.

5 Facts About Me:

  • We all have one (or several) words that define us in life. Mine is storytelling.
  • I’m a hotel geek (not an official word) and have been writing about and visiting hotels for 10 years. The most incredible hotels I’ve visited are located in Napa Valley (US), Rome and the Maldives.
  • You can usually find me with a coffee, a note book and an actual book (yes, I still read and write by hand!)
  • In 2018, I published my book; “FREELANCER – A Woman’s Guide to A Succesful Freelance Life”, and in 2020, my e-book “Storytelling for Hotels” came to life. I’m planning on more books in the future.
  • Blue is my favourite color and I feel most at ease when I’m close to the ocean.

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Thank you for checking in!