regitse rosenvinge

Everything begins with a story...

Mine began more than 15 years ago when I lived in Switzerland and understood that the hospitality industry is something out of the ordinary. The fact that it’s made of dreams, magic and a great love for people instantly captured me. 

A dreamer by nature, but certainly also a do’er, a hedonist with an affinity for the finer things in life, and a storyteller since the age of 8 (that’s when I published my first novel), I’m here to inspire, intrigue and surprise you through stories and visuals. 

My work as an independent communication and storytelling consultant for hotels, hospitality- and luxury brands has taken me around the world. It had me publish two books, a sea of articles, and a ton of creative resources for hospitality professionals (my monthly newsletter, for example). 

This digital magazine is an ode to my love for hospitality and all that comes with it. The hotels, the food, the people, the style. I love it all – and I want you to have a bite of that cake, too.  

Have fun exploring the site and remember; I’m only one email away if you have any questions or inquiries. 

Thank you for checking in. 


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                        5 Facts About Me:

    • We all have one (or several) words that define us in life. Mine is storytelling.
    • I’m a hotel geek and have been writing about and visiting hotels for over 10 years. Some of the most incredible hotels I’ve visited so far are located in Napa Valley (US), Rome and the Maldives.
    • You can usually find me with a coffee, a note book and an actual book (yes, I still read and write by hand!)
    • In 2018, I published my book; “FREELANCER – A Woman’s Guide to A Succesful Freelance Life”, and in 2020, my e-book “Storytelling for Hotels” came to life. I’m planning on more e-books in the future.
    • Blue is my favourite color and I’m the happiest when close to the sea.