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Checking in: Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Munich
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Checking in: Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Munich

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Staying at Bayerischer Hof in Munich is an experience a bit out of the ordinary. Knowing that people have lived here for generations and that Michael Jackson used to stay here during his countless visits to Munich doesn’t only make this hotel interesting, it makes it a historical institution. Here’s our review.



Historical glamour

5 star hotels and celebrities have always made up an explosive cocktail, for where else is it possible to live out a daring dream or spend a substantial amount of money without being suspected for something suspicious? On 5 star hotels guests will receive the pleasure of discretion and understanding, well, at least to some extension. Bayerischer Hof in Munich is no exception. Michael Jackson loved staying here – and he often did. Remember the horrendous scene with baby Blanket hanging out the window? That was here. But of course, this historical hotel is so much more than just a scene for scandals, exceptional stories and joie de vivre; it’s a symbol of Munich and past glory, which will always be fascinating.
The hotel was built in 1841 and already back then it was a gathering place for celebrities like Sigmund Freud and Empress Elizabeth of Austria. At some point Bayerischer Hof was even the largest hotel in Europe (around 1925), but – as most other buildings in Munich – is suffered severe damage through World War II. Today it stands perfectly beautiful facing Promenadeplatz, where fans have erected a monument in honor of Michael Jackson.


The lounge area


Anything you need

The hotel is located approximately 10 minutes from Munich Central Station and is therefore easy accessible. The entrance welcomes guests with its beautiful interior consisting mostly of gold and marble decorations. In most places the interior is perfectly scarred by time letting everyone know that this is not just another newly built luxury property; history is here to prove that.
We were greeted at the reception with a smile and an upgrade meaning that we were going to spend the coming nights in a junior suite. Not bad at all. Bayerischer Hof is big though, and I was about to find out that the hotel offers more than just the usual three or four room categories. A guided tour of the hotel on our second day revealed that guests can choose between 340 different rooms, 60 suites, 40 meeting rooms, five restaurants, a breakfast room, a private cinema and six bars. Did I forget to mention the spa, which stretches over three floors and a nightclub? Yes, Bayerischer Hof has got it all, and there’s enough facilities to keep even the toughest traveler occupied for a week. Literally.

A suite
A suite
The hotel’s private cinema


Bavarian cuisine

The dining options are important to take into notice as well, as there’s five of them scattered around the hotel. Five restaurants catering to all needs. The rooftop welcomes guests with a view over the city and a lavish breakfast buffet, which by the way also contains champagne. If that’s too strong on a Monday morning, opt for the freshly made waffles and pancakes or anything else you might require.
On our second night we had the pleasure of dining at Palais Keller, which is probably one of the most Bavarian spots in the city in terms of food and ambience. The vaults date from the year of 1425, which makes the whole experience even more genuine, and the atmosphere resembles the one of any other Bavarian bräuhaus (brewery). You wouldn’t notice that you’re actually dining in a five star hotel, but this is exactly the charm of Bayerischer Hof; the feeling of sincerity and subtle luxury mixed together.
Palais Keller treated us good with local delicacies, homemade pretzels and Bavarian beer. Not to mention the fact that we were actually sitting inside an original cottage from the Alps, which was moved here for the sore purpose of decoration and beauty. One thing is for sure; I will surely find my way back to Palais Keller next time I’m in Munich.


Palais Keller
Palais Keller


A view from the top

The Blue Spa on top of Bayerischer Hof is the crowning jewel of the hotel. Quite understandable. The outdoor pool (which is covered during Winter) has a panoramic view of the city; a sauna and fitness area cover all other needs of relaxation,  and a beauty salon puts the icing on the cake. But the best part? It has to be the Blue Spa Bar & Lounge, from where one can enjoy the delights of the spa kitchen. The chef prepares light meals of fresh ingredients, which are served in the Winter Garden with an open fireplace. Now, that’s what I call luxury.


Blue Spa
Blue Spa


Bayerischer Hof is not merely a hotel; it’s an institution nourished by traditions. It’s also the perfect place to stay in Munich if you’re looking for that old-school hotel glamour and joie de vivre. With a central yet peaceful location it appeals to both business and leisure travelers, but families with younger children might seek other options. Personally, I can’t wait to return!

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Thanks to Hotel Bayerischer Hof for welcoming TCT as a guest. Our opinion is our own. 



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