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Checking in: Hotel de Russie, Rome
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Checking in: Hotel de Russie, Rome

Imagine a luxury hotel with impeccable service and exquisite traditions. Now add the eternal city of Rome to that, stunning views and great food – and you’ll get Hotel de Russie.

Centrally located at the Piazza del Popolo in Rome, Hotel de Russie is an institution in the ancient city. It’s just a stone’s throw away from the best shopping opportunities in Rome and home to one of the most stunning gardens in the city. Wondering where to stay next time you’re in Rome? Look no further!

Timeless luxury

“When in Rome, do as the Romans”.

You’ve probably heard that phrase before and it is true when it comes to food and culture. However, if you’d like to add a little extra spark to your holiday – or if you’re simply not satisfied with anything but the best – we’d recommend that you take a look at Hotel de Russie. With its magnificent location, history and facilities, it has grown to be one of the most luxurious hotels in Rome ever since Rocco Forte Hotels took over in 2000.

hotel de russie
The hotel, which offers 122 rooms, has taken its name from the Russian romantic painters, who in past times chose this hotel as their favourite location in Rome. The history of this place dates back to 1814 and you instantly feel that when entering the lobby. It’s like magic!

Classic luxury and old-fashioned virtues are being honoured here. 

Impeccable service

On the day of our arrival, it was pouring rain and we were kindly greeted with a helping hand by the hotel porter. Inside we received yet another warm-hearted welcome and we instantly knew that one of the key factors here was impeccable service. Something so important yet forgotten in many hotels today. The lobby was embellished with fresh flowers, local art and a splendid view to the garden ‘Le Jardin de Russie’, which frames the elegance and comfort of the hotel perfectly. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to sit outside to enjoy the settings with a drink, as one’s supposed to do, but we did get to pay the bar ‘Stravinskij’ a visit instead!

hotel de russie
We were showed to our room and our stay could finally begin! Luckily, we received an upgrade and so we found ourselves staying in the Executive Suite with a balcony and view to the garden. Inside we could enjoy 70 m2 composed of a spacious bedroom, bathroom, a living room with flat screen, minibar and work area as well as a spacious (walk-in) closet area. 
A small plate of complimentary assorted chocolates was neatly placed in the living room upon our arrival.

Although it was raining, we decided to go for a short walk in the nearby shopping area of Via del Corso. Then back to the hotel to try out the wonderful spa area before dinner. 

In spa heaven

As you can imagine, the spa of Hotel de Russie is in line with the rest of the place. A separate spa elevator took us straight there so we didn’t have to visit the lobby in our robes and slippers. 

The first thing we noticed was the comfortable temperature and pleasant scent of flowers that seemed to be the signature of the spa. The spa reception were selling exclusive hair- and skincare products, and a smiling spa therapist showed us the changing room and facilities. These included a hydropool, a sauna, a Turkish steam bath, a gym and a beauty center for massages and beauty treatments. A feature I absolutely loved was the ceiling, which is decorated with hundreds of spotlights making it look like a starry sky.

Hotel de Russie also offers a wide selection of spa and wellness treatments, which can be booked through the spa reception.

hotel de russie

A breakfast to remember

During the Summer months, it’s possible to dine outside in ‘Le Jardin de Russie’ – something I feel compelled to come back for! I imagine it to be a magical experience to sit outside at the Piazatta Valadier (a part of the 3.000 m2 terrace) accompanied by a signature cocktail and waiters dressed in white!
In winter, guests can choose to dine inside in the restaurant or in the Stravinskij Bar. We had a pre-dinner snack and a cocktail at the bar, which surprisingly enough was completely full (on a Wednesday evening).
We had a platter of assorted cheese, olives, salami and fruits, which was absolutely delicious and almost too much if you’re going for the full works at the restaurant afterwards! Luckily, we didn’t.

hotel de russie rome

Little did we know that next morning’s breakfast ensemble would blow our socks off, to put it mildly.
Now, hotel breakfast is a pet peeve of mine. It can be splendid and determine the quality of a hotel – or the opposite, which ruins the entire experience. 
The breakfast at Hotel de Russie was so impeccable that I actually can’t remember when I had something similar in a hotel – if that ever happened.

hotel de russie rome

Unfortunately, we had to catch a plane quite early in the morning, wherefore I didn’t enjoy the buffet as much as I usually would – but the staff did an outstanding job providing for us. We were the only ones having breakfast that early! 

Three tables in the restaurant were fully covered with everything from fruits and veggies, fresh juices, yoghurt, bread, cakes and croissants to a varied selection of cold cuts, salmon and jams. Pure paradise for morning birds and breakfast lovers – and anyone caring about details and service, really. 

Our stay at Hotel de Russie was an absolute pleasure and I’m already looking forward to returning again someday. 

Being one of Rome’s most luxurious and historical hotels, accommodation here isn’t budget-friendly, but I can only recommend splurging on a stay. The memories will last for a long, long time. 

How else can I put it; Russie is certainly not only a five star hotel – it’s a lifestyle.

Hotel de Russie is a part of Rocco Forte Hotels. For more information, click here


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