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Checking in: Hotel Louis C. Jacob, Hamburg
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Checking in: Hotel Louis C. Jacob, Hamburg

Just outside of Hamburg, a long and luxurious boulevard by the name of Elbchaussee nestles between the Elbe River and beautiful luxury mansions. On it you’ll find a 5 star hotel different from many other in its league. Sophistication and discrete luxury are keywords here and there’s nothing like it anywhere else. Welcome to 24 hours at Hotel Louis C. Jacob. 

Luxury behind the facade
It’s probably one of of the longest and most elegant hotel drive-way’s in the world. The Elbchaussee is impressive and captivating at the same time, and it connects the centre of Hamburg with its finest residential area. A good 15 minute drive from the centre will take you straight to Hotel Louis C. Jacob and even though you might not notice it at first, there’s actually an impeccable 5 star hotel with a 2 star Michelin restaurant hidden behind the facade.

hotel louis c jacob

It’s possible to reach the hotel by public transportation (there’s a bus stop going straight from the central station to the hotel) or by taxi, but we choose to bring our own car. This would make it easier for later exploring of the area as well.
After leaving the car in the private car park of the hotel, we received a warm-hearted welcome by one of the employees waiting for us at the entrance. “Welcome Mrs. Rosenvinge” she said and smiled, and I instantly knew that service here was a bit above average. But the best was yet to come.

A home away from home
Hotel Louis C. Jacob houses 85 rooms, which are divided into deluxe rooms and suites. All of the rooms are different from each other, but they have a timeless elegance in common, which is expressed through interior decorations such as parquet floors, hand-woven carpets and walk-in wardrobes.

hotel louis c jacob

Our room wasn’t quite ready upon our arrival, but after a quick lunch and a stroll around the area, we came back to find a beautiful deluxe room with views towards the river and the surrounding green areas. And what a sight! It seemed as though guests at Louis C. Jacob were treated as dear friends, whose privacy was very important – not strange overnight guests, who were to be handled all the same. The Managing Director of the hotel, Mr. Jost Deitmar, even states, that Louis C. Jacob is a hotel for people who don’t normally like hotels. The rest is pretty obvious!

The history of the property as a guest house begins in 1791, when a Frenchman by the name of Daniel Louis Jacques, founds a wine restaurant and terrace. However, the property opens as a hotel in the end of the 19th Century, and in 1902 the Horst Rahe family buys the place and continue to restore it until 1996. Today, it’s clear that restorations have been conducted with a great respect for the historical heritage, and the history is definitely one of the most charming parts of the hotel! It’s truly a place where ‘old’ and ‘new’ melts together, giving all generations a chance to unite and appreciate what once was and what will be.

Cocktails and Michelin stars
During our stay we also had the pleasure of visiting both The Lime tree Terrace and the 2 star Michelin restaurant ‘Jacobs’. First-mentioned offers some of the most unique views of the Elbe River you could possibly have, and it’s a perfect spot for enjoying an aperitif before dinner. We had a ‘raspberry mojito’ and a Gin & Tonic accompanied by a house treat; delicious smoked and salted almonds. From the terrace you can see the world’s largest container ships and luxury liners float by, which adds another fascinating dimension to the whole experience.

The restaurant at Hotel Louis C. Jacob speaks for itself. Big crystal chandeliers, a beautiful wooden floor and gold leafs on the walls – it all leaves you wondering whether you’re attending a 19th Century dinner party or a culinary experience in the new millennium.
Service showed to be both discrete and impeccable and we were quickly informed about the wine selection and the carefully selected menus. The Michelin awarded chef Thomas Martin is the front figure of the restaurant. He’s well-known for his creative and understated take on French cuisine, and so we began this culinary adventure with a 6 course meal accompanied by a delicate selection of wines.
‘Jacobs’ Restaurant offers 4 different menus and a fixed dessert menu giving guests plenty of choices. I chose the ‘Established’ menu, which in all simplicity consisted of the following:

– Hamashi (Japaense fish) with coriander, tomato and pine nuts
– Lobster Ravioli with peach and green asparagus
– Scallop with bean brew, pimentos and Iberico ham
– Sweet bread and calf’s head
– Saddle of regional venison with cherry jus and cabbage turnip
– Parfait of Champagne with raspberry and meringue

Furthermore, the dessert menu contains goodies such as pumpkin seeds with white chocolate and chocolate with peanut and caramel, and as if one wouldn’t be completely satiated after a spectacular display like this, the dessert chef presented his wagon of sweet delights after dinner.

hotel louis c jacob

A spectacular experience
I can honestly say that ‘Jacob’s Restaurant’ at Hotel Louis C. Jacob is the most spectacular dining experience I’ve had for many years, if not ever! And it really sums up everything a restaurant needs in order to be classified amongst the best: excellent food, friendly and professional service and beautiful surroundings.

I could go on forever, but I urge you to pay this hotel a visit if you’re ever in Hamburg. If not for an overnight stay, then for a cocktail at the terrace, perhaps a dinner in the dimmed lights of the chandeliers or maybe a cup of afternoon tea in front of the fireplace. In all cases, you will experience this magnificent ‘home away from home’ – Hamburg’s most refined hotel!

Hotel Louis C. Jacob is member of The Leading Hotels Of The World, L’Art de Vivre and Feine Privat Hotels. The hotel also owns one of the most important private art collections in Northern Germany with more than 500 original works. 

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