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Checking in: Hotel des Trois Couronnes, Vevey (Switzerland)
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Checking in: Hotel des Trois Couronnes, Vevey (Switzerland)

Not long ago I had the great pleasure of staying at one of the most luxurious and historical hotels in Switzerland; Hotel des Trois Couronnes. Many things have happened since this hotel opened its doors in 1842, but the core values are still the same; genuine Swiss hospitality and warm-hearted service. Join me for 2 days at this magnificent spa hotel where old-fashioned virtues are being honoured and nature bewitches you with its beauty. 

hotel des trois couronnes

Past meets present

Tucked in between Montreux and Lausanne, Hotel des Trois Couronnes nestles on the shores of Vevey – a historical town accommodating the headquarters of food giant Nestlé. It was here that milk chocolate was invented in 1875. Actually,  my own grand father worked here briefly during the 1930’s, so I’ve always been curious to experience the place myself.

Not many things have changed at Hotel des Trois Couronnes since 1842 – apart from renovations, of course. And why should it when guests are still allured by its perfect blend of joie de vivre and old-fashioned charm that embraces you from the minute you step inside the lobby?


In the reception I’m greeted by some very friendly and helpful staff members, and after a brief welcome by the manager herself, we’re showed to our room. I might have expected a lake view since we’re located on the borders of Lake Geneva, but I certainly wasn’t expecting a beautiful Deluxe room with a straight view towards both the lake and the Alps. The best part of the room, in my opinion, was the balcony where one can truly enjoy a glass of wine while taking in the fresh mountain air.

The hotel offers 71 rooms – a great deal of those are junior suites and regular suites. The so-called Tchaikovski suite is the largest offering 112 m2 and a 90 m2 balcony. The perfect honeymoon location, if you ask me. 

Breathtaking scenery

On the day of our arrival we went to take a stroll by the lake, which is the center of everything around here. Through time, Lac Leman (or Lake Geneva, as it’s called in English), has captivated millions of people, including Queen icon Freddie Mercury and the king of pop, Michael Jackson. They both recorded albums here and returned several times for holidays. The lake promenade allows you to walk all the way to Montreux and further, so we did. Montreux is a whole different chapter – and a place occupying a big spot in my heart, so I’ll return to that in another article soon.

On the first night I went to have dinner with the manager of the hotel. Little did I know, I was in for a treat! The hotel’s restaurant has been awarded with a Michelin star, and after briefly meeting the chef, I surely understood why. Apart from all ingredients being seasonal and mostly local (fish from the lake etc.), the chef seemed very passionate about the concept of fine dining. He told me he even travels to Italy himself to get a hold of some of the best olive oil on the market.

We had a delicious starter, a main course and a dessert followed by coffee. I won’t go into details here, but if you’re a foodie yourself, you should definitely take a look at the hotel’s website for more information. Even if you’re not staying in the hotel, but are just passing through the area – don’t miss out on lunch or dinner here!

If you prefer a light meal and a drink over a hearty Michelin dinner, that’s possible, too. The hotel’s second restaurant, La Veranda, opens daily from 12pm to 2pm and again from 7pm to 10pm.

hotel des trois couronnes

A holistic approach

Like many other five star establishments in Switzerland, Hotel des Trois Couronnes is synonymous with spa and wellness. The Puressens Spa is a center for well-being, health and balance, operaring with a holistic approach. Many people actually travel here solely for the purpose of visiting the wellness center, where they’re treated to a tailor-made detox- or weight control programme.

As a self-declared wellness addict, I obviously had to try out the facilities. They comprise a large indoor pool with underwater music, jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna and a relaxation area. I also had a couple of treatments, for example a massage carried out by a very skilled spa therapist. After one hour, I was beyond relaxed and ready for 30 minutes of rest in the relaxation area. Last-mentioned invites you to cuddle up with fresh fruit, herbal tea, ice water and a stunning view towards the snow-covered mountains. Talk about the ideal location for a spa. This one’s hard to beat.

hotel des trois couronnes
Credit: Two French Explorers.

My second treatment was an ‘anti-stress’ facial that lasted for nearly two hours. I left with the softest skin I think I’ve ever had! During the treatment, I was introduced to the French wellness brand of Joëlle Ciocco, which I would recommend you to check out if you’re into natural beauty products. Joëlle Ciocco’s products are based on plant biology.

Hotel des Trois Couronnes is one of those places you never want to leave again. Its cosy environment, the high level of comfort and the exquisite service makes sure of that.
As it was time for us to check out again, I couldn’t help but wonder when I’d had the chance to return again. Swiss hospitality is world-known for its combination of heart-warm service and sophisticated luxury, and this hotel is no exception to that. 

hotel des trois couronnes

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