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Business tips: How to make time for creating social media content
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Business tips: How to make time for creating social media content

I’ve done a lot of research in my network in the past years, for example because I wanted to identify the main struggles of small business owners when it comes to producing content.  The number one challenge, they all said, is finding the time to produce quality content for their social media channels. Not everyone has the luxury of hiring someone to do it, and so I’d like to take a moment here to show you how you carve out time to get it done. It doesn’t have to be time consuming – you just need to work smarter and be more intentional with your time. Want to know how I do it? Keep reading.

1. Be focused

Choose your social media channels wisely and focus on producing high quality content for them. You can’t be everywhere at the same time – and you shouldn’t even try, as that will only damage your brand. Better one or two channels than a handful you can’t commit to on a weekly basis. Choose the content that fits your business and stick to it.

2. Write down your ideas

Content never sleep. While I’m not a fan of that saying (we have lives to live, right?), it has a ring of truth to it. If you’re not thinking of content for your business – unless you’re outsourcing it – who will? Keep a notepad on you at all times, or an app on your phone if that’s more your jam, and jot down all your ideas when they come. Perhaps you’re most inspired when showering or grocery shopping, perhaps all your genius thoughts come early in the morning (like they do with me) or late in the evening. Writing ideas down on a daily basis makes it easier to create content, and you’ll always have lots of ideas at hand when you need them.

3. Block out the time

This is a no-brainer, I know. But if you’re not deliberately carving out time in your schedule every week to make content, you’ll keep putting it on the back burner and end up stressing about it last minute. Make time to create something sacred for you, and prioritize it like it’s an important meeting or a client call.

4. Learn to say no

Focus is everything when you’re running a business (believe me, I struggle with this one, too), so learn not to commit to too many things – especially those that aren’t serving your goals and bigger purpose. Guard your time carefully and wave goodbye to procrastination. Learning to say no to things that only consume your precious time is learning to say yes to truly committing to your business.

5. Take a break

Research shows that taking breaks will not only reduce your stress level but also make you more creative and productive? Whether it’s a 2-minute coffee break starring out the window or a brisk walk around the block; taking breaks during the day is absolutely crucial if you want to produce better content faster. Try to put away your phone, laptop and music and listen to your body instead. What does it need to feel better? Go do that.

6. Use quality tools

Downloading a few apps and tools for easier content creation, like Canva (my favourite), Crello, VistaCreate or Adobe Express, will make all the difference for you! If your work is mostly text-based, try out Grammarly. If it’s centred around Instagram, try out Unfold, StoryArt or Canva. There are SO many helpful resources out there, you just have to learn how to use them – and pick out the best ones for your business, of course.

7. Create a content calendar

OK, I admit it. I’ve been really slow on adapting the content calendar system, but now that I have it, it’s indispensable. Planning out your content in advance, week by week, month by month, will help you visualize your commitments and plan your work days better. There are numerous free resources out there that gives you free content calendar templates, for example HubSpot, Trello, and Agorapulse.

8. Repurpose your content

This is a big one! If you already have plenty of content on a blog or website, start repurposing it and save both time and energy. A podcast can become a blog post or an Instagram carrousel. An article (or blog post) can become a Linkedin post, and your most read content can become an e-book or a freebie. The sky is the limit, but why invent the deep plate when you already have it? One core idea can be transformed into several pieces of content.

9. Outsource it

If you really struggle with time and you find yourself lacking behind on your content creation every week – even after applying all my tips – consider outsourcing it to someone you trust. Sometimes that’s actually the best thing to do. It usually takes some time to find the right candidate, as it should be someone who understands your business and unique brand voice. Look around in your network or ask for help on your social media channels. Additionally, you can look into freelancer platforms.

How do you manage your content creation? Have you put it into system or are you creating as you go?

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