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The art of hotel storytelling (and how to use it for branding)

storytelling for hotels

This post is perfect for you if: You’re working with hospitality marketing  You’re the owner of a hotel who has a great story to tell!  You’re interested in marketing trends and branding  You’d like to get to know the concept of ‘storytelling’ better  Storytelling as a branding tool With the massive amount of content being …


Digital marketing trends for hotels in 2019

marketing for hotels

Trends come and go; not only in the world of fashion, but certainly also in the world of hospitality. Working with content marketing for hotels, I witness digital trends and new marketing tools come and go on a regular basis, and I understand how overwhelming it can be for hotels and marketing managers to keep …


My recent podcast interviews on career and mindfulness

regitse cecillie rosenvinge podcast

In connection to publishing my book FREELANCER back in December ’18, I’ve done some quite interesting podcast interviews with both Danish and international media. Even though they’re quite different in context, they all evolve around career, freelancing, mindfulness and spirituality. I hope they’ll inspire you to live your own potential and create life on YOUR …