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Once upon a time… a story of the golden era in Berlin (part II)

berlin 1920s

Continued….  The roaring twenties So far, we’ve been looking at Berlin from the pre-industrial era and beyond, where the city literally exploded in size and inhabitants. The German capital became a center of culture and arts – not only in Germany, but in all of Europe. Still, nothing quite compares to what was about to happen …

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Once upon a time… a story of the golden era in Berlin (part I)

berlin palace

On a cold and windy November night in 2016, I arrived in Berlin with a large suitcase, my laptop and a head full of dreams. Fast forward three years and I’m typing this, celebrating my third anniversary with the city. Like many others before me, I came to Berlin not knowing how long I’d stay …

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Hiking in Brandenburg: a family-friendly weekend getaway

visit brandenburg

A few months ago, I embarked on a family hiking trip in Berlin’s lush Brandenburg region. In case you haven’t heard of it before, it’s the ideal place to connect with nature and completely unwind for a couple of days. And with just a short drive from the buzzing city center of Berlin, there’s really …

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Our family vacation in Tenerife, Spain

family holiday tenerife

I know, I know. You’ve might already raised your eyebrows, cause isn’t Tenerife supposed to be sort of outdated and overrun by tourists? Well, I have a slightly different story for you. In fact, I was very positively surprised when visiting the island for the first time in January this year. I brought me little …

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A Hamburg get-away with ParkHyatt

park hyatt hamburg

Hamburg is a metropolis in progress. Thousands of newcomers flock here every year to get a slice of its chic hotels, tempting shops and alluring restaurants. Recently, it was our turn to experience all the temptations of the city – and we started by checking in to the elegant ParkHyatt in the city center. Discreet luxury For Scandinavians, Hamburg is located strategically smart. Located …