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A spa day at KURBADET by Ilse Jacobsen (Denmark)

kurbadet ilse jacobsen

In the midst of December, I managed to escape the hustle and bustle with a visit to the beautiful spa town of Hornbæk just north of Copenhagen. The purpose of my visit was KURBADET – an elegant spa owned by the Danish designer Ilse Jacobsen. If you’re looking for a little getaway in Denmark – either …

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My City Guide to Bruges: Where to Stay, Dine, Drink and Shop

city guide to bruges

Bruges: the medieval Belgian city famed for its baroque-like architecture, picturesque squares and incredible history. Oh, and the French Fries! All this, and much more, is what you can expect when visiting Bruges. I recently ventured back to Bruges (I used to live there about 6 years ago) and was pleasantly surprised to see that …

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A visit to Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin

alte nationalgalerie berlin

One of my favorite things to do in weekends is to explore Berlin’s cultural scene. The most famous “institution” in that sector is called the Museum Island (or Museumsinsel) where beautiful museums such as Alte Nationalgalerie, Bode Museum and Pergamon Museum are towering side by side. In this post, I’m going to tell you about the first …

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Best Lunch View in Paris: Restaurant Maison Blanche

restaurant maison blanche paris

Paris is full of magic, not least on the dining front! So when I had the chance to visit a gem of a restaurant on my recent trip to the French capital, I didn’t have to think twice. Have you ever had amazing lunch with a view to the Eiffel Tower? Now you have the …

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Once upon a time… a classic guide to Berlin (part III)

hotel de rome berlin

Continued…  So now you’ve been on a journey back in time. You’ve experienced Berlin how it once was and you’ve hopefully come to understand what has shaped the German capital as we know it today. If you’re just half as intrigued as I am about getting a taste of the grand past of the city, …

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Once upon a time… a story of the golden era in Berlin (part II)

berlin 1920s

Continued….  The roaring twenties So far, we’ve been looking at Berlin from the pre-industrial era and beyond, where the city literally exploded in size and inhabitants. The German capital became a center of culture and arts – not only in Germany, but in all of Europe. Still, nothing quite compares to what was about to happen …

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Once upon a time… a story of the golden era in Berlin (part I)

berlin palace

On a cold and windy November night in 2016, I arrived in Berlin with a large suitcase, my laptop and a head full of dreams. Fast forward three years and I’m typing this, celebrating my third anniversary with the city. Like many others before me, I came to Berlin not knowing how long I’d stay …


5 Years of The Copenhagen Traveler: here are the most popular posts!

die bleiche resort & spa

They say time’s flying when you’re in good company – that’s definitely true when I’m looking back on the past 5 years of managing this blog! What started out as a fun project of documenting my trips around Europe and beyond, quickly evolved into something more; my digital home and a part of my identity. …

Green Travel

A quick guide to eco-friendly living

Back in 2016, I published an interview (click the link below to read it) with the renowned Dr. Kelly Bricker, chairman of the International Eco Tourism Society. The interview tapped into trends in the tourism industry and what we as travelers can do to travel more sustainably. It was a big success; in fact that …