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Checking in: Alter Meierhof, Glücksburg
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Checking in: Alter Meierhof, Glücksburg

Some hotels captivate you from the moment you step inside the lobby. Alter Meierhof is such a place. For 17 years, the five star wellness hotel has been synonymous with well-being in its purest form. Come with me to a place that makes you forget about the rest of the world. 


alter meierhof
Welcome to Alter Meierhof!

Away from it all

Alter Meierhof is located very close to the Danish border, and from the hotel you can enjoy the views of the Danish coast. Still, it couldn’t be more German in terms of service and quality. Spitzenklasse is a fitting word (meaning ‘the best of the best’) – hence the large number of guests checking in – they all want a piece of ‘the good life’.
During my traveling years I’ve come to learn that Germany has a proud spa tradition – it might have been invented by the Romans, but Germans certainly make the most of it. Maybe that’s why it feels so authentic at Alter Meierhof, which is often referred to as a refuge for wellness lovers.
The hotel accommodates 54 rooms (divided into 6 categories) overlooking Flensborg Fjord and the surrounding forest – and I can highly recommend taking a long walk to work up an appetite. Trust me, you’ll need it!

alter meierhof
Arriving in style!

A Michelin adventure awaits

Alter Meierhof is just as dedicated to gourmet as it is to wellness. You’ll quickly realize that when visiting the Michelin-awarded restaurant ‘Meierei Dirk Luther’, which can be regarded as ‘the heart’ of the hotel. Meierei requires reservation well in advance – but with two Michelin stars, it’s not only a splendid experience, it’s certainly worth waiting for. The interior consisting of old wooden piers as tables and lamps made from sterilized branches, adds a very light and Nordic ambience which elegantly compliments the traditional French cuisine with a twist. Meierei Dirk Luther currently ranges as the 16th best restaurant in Germany.
If you’re looking for more laid-back dinner settings, the Brasserie opens up for guests who prefers a Mediterranean kitchen with a regional touch. I’ve tried both and must admit there’s quite a difference between the two, but the ambience in the Brasserie is hard to beat: bordeaux colored walls, wooden floors and a crackling fireplace (during winter).

A creative dish at Meierei Dirk Luther


Enjoying dessert!

In my opinion, there’s (almost) nothing better than a well-made hotel breakfast and so I’m pleased to grate Alter Meierhof’s version as one of the best I’ve had in recent years. Weekends can be quite crowded, so get there early or come during weekdays if you can – the hearty breakfast buffet is worth the while! Unfortunately, the bread selection wasn’t the most interesting, but the home-made specialities made up for it (delicious salmon, omelets etc.)

Relaxing in front of the fireplace

An oriental wellness refuge

The spa at Alter Meierhof is obviously a vital part of any stay here. It’s not only one of the most luxurious spa areas in Northern Germany, the selection of treatments and facilities is so wide that it can be hard to choose. The Hof-Therme is inspired by the ancient Oriental wellness culture, and the 1.400 m2 spa offers a large pool divided into an indoor and an outdoor part, Turkish hamam, Rasul, an exclusive Shisheido beauty farm and an actual sauna landscape. It’s obvious that the Hof-Therme doesn’t only serve as an extra luxury for staying guests; it’s a health refuge for people who really need it. And when you’re done here, you’ll most probably come out as a re-born human. I know I did after a couple of hours in hamam heaven with one of the hotel’s ‘Tellaks’ (a traditional Hamam master). Beware, this experience can be a bit transgressive if you haven’t tried it before – still, you’ll feel like a queen (or a king) for an afternoon! When the session is done, the Tellak will serve Moroccan tea and Turkish delights in a water bed covered in silk linens. Does it sound too good to be true? It isn’t.

The heated outdoor pool

How to get here:

I flew to the nearby airport of Sønderborg (in Denmark) with Alsie Express, which I can highly recommend! A five star air shuttle flying between Copenhagen and Sønderborg in approximately 35 minutes. Sønderborg Airport is the nearest airport to Alter Meierhof (about an hour’s drive). It’s also easy to access the hotel by car.

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