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Checking in: 25Hours Bikini Berlin
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Checking in: 25Hours Bikini Berlin

25hours hotel berlin

If you like that authentic Berlin feeling and want to stay in surroundings that matches the city’s eclectic vibe – you’ve come to the right place! I’m presenting to you 25Hours Bikini Berlin – a laid-back yet stylish design hotel in the heart of ‘the West’, where there’s always room for monkey business. Literally speaking. 

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25hours bikini berlin

25Hours is a chain with currently 13 hotels under its wings. From Ibiza to Paris, Berlin and beyond (and a new property opening in Dubai in 2020), they all have one thing in common: quirky design and details that’ll make you feel right at home.

Their Berlin flagship is no exception. From the outside, the high-rise building looks like any other in the buzzing neighborhood of Kurfürstendamm, but when you enter, you leave this world behind. A Trabi (small car produced during the DDR regime and a strong symbol of Berlin culture) adorns the hall that leads up to the actual lobby. A wooden sign says ‘Monkey Bar’, but if you’re not a guest at the hotel, you have to line up, which may take a while. Monkey Bar is somewhat an institution in the city, but let me get back to that in a few minutes.

25hours bikini berlin

The hotel calls itself ‘an urban jungle’. With heavy concrete under its feet and Europe’s largest ZOO right outside its windows, that couldn’t be more accurate! I expected a lot of young tourists, as the vibe definitely caters to millennials, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that travelers of all ages were checking in. A melting pot, just like the city itself.

25hours bikini berlin

As the name reveals, 25Hours Bikini Berlin is located in connection to the famous mall, Bikini Berlin, boasting exclusive shops and unique brands that you won’t get anywhere else. Grab breakfast, lunch or even dinner here – or simply stay inside to enjoy the facilities of the hotel, which I did. So what can you expect? Funky rooms, a jungle sauna and an in-house bakery, just to mention a few things. It’s the perfect example of the ‘hotel lifestyle experience’, which is gaining massive popularity these years. Gone are the days where a hotel was just a hotel; today, travelers crave an experience, even when they go to bed at night. And they expect everything to be within reach. If last-mentioned caters to you as well, look no further. 25Hours Bikini Berlin will settle the deal for you.

25hours bikini berlin

25hours bikini berlin

You’ll find different room categories, some more spacious than others, so make sure to have that in mind when booking. The larger rooms also have free bike rental included and a panorama view of the Tiergarten – and thereby, the much debated monkeys. The highlight of MY stay was a visit to Monkey Bar (where the DJ would spin his records till late), a dinner experience at NENI (Israeli restaurant on top of the hotel) and the hearty breakfast buffet. You know I’m a sucker for hotel breakfasts, so I was happy to see a big buffet with fresh and healthy options.

25hours bikini berlin

monkey bar berlin



25Hours Bikini Berlin is ideal if you’re looking for a comfy, fun, hip and never boring place to stay in Berlin! It really reminds me of the city itself in so many ways, and it’ll definitely give you a home-away-from-home feeling, if that’s what you’re looking for. Located just next to many major sights – not to mention the busy Kurfürstendamm – there’s no shortage of shopping opportunities and nightlife adventures waiting just around the corner! The vibe is young and creative, which also reflects in the interior. For more information go to

25hours hotel bikini berlin

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