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Checking in: Die Bleiche Resort & Spa, Northern Germany
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Checking in: Die Bleiche Resort & Spa, Northern Germany

Are you looking for an exclusive spa resort in Germany? Then look no further! Die Bleiche Resort & Spa is located just one hour’s drive from Berlin and it has all the amenities you’re dreaming of. I’m already dreaming of going back…. 

Relaxation in its purest form

What do you do when it’s raining and you’re in need a little self-pampering? You could either make a home-spa – or you could check in to a beautiful spa resort. I know which one I’d go for any day! And so I packed my bags last month and headed south. My target; one of Germany’s best spa & wellness resorts also known as Die Bleiche.

Spreewald in its full glory: A beautiful biosphere landscape.

It was an absolute relief getting out of traffic-jammed Berlin for a couple of days and escaping into the bliss of Spreewald’s nature. Spreewald is a biosphere in the region of Brandenburg, and for many generations, nature has played a vital role for its inhabitants, e.g. the easiest (and prettiest) way to get around here, is still by boat! Yes, there are a lot of picturesque channels and lake systems here.

Brandenburg is not well-known for its quality hotels; in fact, Die Bleiche is a lovely exception to the rule. It’s a beautiful, rural resort with a large spa surrounded by forest and fields. Guests arrive here by car or by train – a private shuttle can pick you up from the nearby train station upon request. What first stroke me when we got here was the peaceful atmosphere; I instantly knew that I’d be able to write and relax here and without anything interfering – perfect! 😀

die bleiche
Enjoying the surrounding nature of Die Bleiche

A true wellness paradise

The foundation of Die Bleiche is more than 300 years old, but the hotel itself is some 30 years old. Many guests are regulars meaning they come back year after year – and with good reason! Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

  • Cosy countryside-style rooms (ranging from charming single rooms to spacious suites)
  • An award-winning country spa with indoor and outdoor pools, a huge fireplace, relaxation areas etc. There’s even a section for ladies only called “Little Heaven”. If you want, you can sign up for health and fitness classes, too.
  • Several restaurants offering a la carte, gourmet dining and buffet options. What especially needs to be mentioned: the self-service cheese room. Need I say more?!
  • The hearty breakfast buffet. You name it, you’ll get it!
  • The very charming book shop next to the lobby. Yes, Die Bleiche has its own book shop with beautiful coffee table books, which you can either buy or read in while you’re there.
die bleiche
Welcome to Die Bleiche!


spa hotel
The indoor pool with fireplace


die bleiche
It doesn’t get much cozier than this! The relaxation area at Die Bleiche. Photo credit:  
A healthy, hearty breakfast

A stay at Die Bleiche is worth traveling for – and not only if you’re already in Berlin. I promise: pure relaxation awaits you! For more information go to


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