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Checking in: Golf Resort Monte da Quinta, Algarve, Portugal
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Checking in: Golf Resort Monte da Quinta, Algarve, Portugal

You might know Portugal’s famous Algarve coast because of its splendid golf and outdoor activities. Nevertheless, the region is also home to many luxurious resorts, not to mention the mild temperatures all year around. But how’s it like staying in a golf resort if you don’t play golf at all? I checked in to Monte da Quinta to find out. 

In the ♡ of the Algarve

Portugal is one of my favorite countries in the world. Ever since I lived there briefly as a teenager, I’ve had a thing for the culture, the people, the food and the climate. Yes, pretty much the whole package. But while trendy Lisbon is on everyone’s lips these days, the Algarve coast seems to remain a favorite amongst British golfers, who’ve travelled here for decades. When visiting Algarve, you usually fly to Faro, the southern-most town in the country. From here, it’s a 25 minute-drive to the golf resort Monte da Quinta, which is nestled in Quinta do Lago; the heart of the Algarve, so to speak. The resort is surrounded by the Natural Park Ria Formosa, which makes it an ideal destination for both families and couples looking to get out of the city for a couple of days. Apart from playing golf, it’s possible to hike, run and bike in the area. If you prefer going to the beach, you need to organize a transfer, as it’s approximately 15 minutes by car.

monte da quinta
Welcome in the green lobby of Monte da Quinta!

That being said, it’s not really necessary to go anywhere once you’ve checked in to the resort. With 132 suites distributed on two floors, a spa, large pool area, a bar and two restaurants, it’s big enough to keep you satisfied if all you need is to relax and be far away from your everyday life. If you’d like to explore Faro, you might want to opt for a hotel there, as it’s not possible to reach the town by foot from Monte da Quinta. It takes around 25 minutes by car.

Not only for golfers

The golf season in Algarve runs all year, but most golfers avoid the hot summer months and the colder winter months leaving March-May and September-November as best options to go. This obviously also reflects on the prices. If you’re not a golfer, I can still recommend visiting during off-season; prices are much lower and there are less tourists flocking around. Instead, spend your time relaxing at the spa or explore the area by foot.

monte da quinta
Over-looking the pool area at Monte da Quinta

monte da quinta

There’s also an international gourmet restaurant at Monte da Quinta. ‘Peacock’s’, as it’s called, offers fine dining experiences in a laid-back atmosphere; sitting on the terrace over-looking the resort on a warm summer night was magical! The Chef came out to explain each dish (which was clearly made with love), and the concept of the restaurants is to create unexpected taste experiences through different colors and textures. Don’t forget to enjoy a cocktail at the bar afterwards.

peacocks restaurant

Monte da Quinta is popular amongst golfers, but anyone else wanting to explore the beautiful Algarve region, might opt for it as well. There’s lots of space to relax and be yourself, but try to avoid high season, if possible. For more information, go to


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