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Checking in: Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, Lake Como
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Checking in: Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, Lake Como

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

It’s one of the oldest and most luxurious hotels on the borders of Lake Como; Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni will truly take you back to the golden era of hospitality. 


Only the best

You feel it already when rolling into the cobbled courtyard of the hotel; this is a place with a grand history. The main building of Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni dates back to the 16th Century. Back then, it was erected by a wealthy family from Milan, who needed a get-away from the city, and over the centuries the property has developed into what it is today: a renowned 5 star hotel welcoming guests from all corners of the world. Why do they choose Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni? First of all, because of its splendid location. From every room you have a direct view to the lake and the Alps, and you can explore the town of Bellagio by foot. Last-mentioned is one of the most famous destinations of Lake Como; this is (still) where the jet set can be seen in summer and this is where the high end tourism began. Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni is the only 5 star hotel in the area, so naturally it serves as base for hedonists wanting only the best. The hotel is closed from November-April, but when doors are re-opened in Spring, everything comes to life again.

grand hotel villa serbelloni

A sense of well-being

The hotel offers two restaurants; one being the Michelin-awarded Mistral Restaurant (with Chef Ettore Bocchia at the helm), which is recognized for its molecular cuisine, and the other one, La Goletta, offering a more laid-back scenery and a French/Italian-inspired a la carte menu. Both options are great, however, dining at Mistral is somehow mandatory.

grand hotel villa serbelloni

Make sure to visit the spa as well. It’s build upon the principles of harmony between body and mind, and so you can choose amongst a large range of treatments and massages. I had half an hour’s massage therapy, which obviously wasn’t enough, but I got a taste of what Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni is also about: relaxation and well-being in its purest form. Other facilities include a small fitness center as well as an indoor and outdoor pool area.

Some might prefer a somewhat more modern hotel when going on vacation and if that’s the case, Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni is not for you. This isn’t a fancy design hotel with the latest technology incorporated in each room; it’s merely a lifestyle and a window to the past, where Bellagio served as the hot spot for the real jet set. The first luxury travelers came here decades ago to experience discrete hospitality at its best, and so should you. For more information, go to


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