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Checking in: Park Hyatt, Hamburg
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Checking in: Park Hyatt, Hamburg

If you ever find yourself in Hamburg (which I hope you do!) and you need a genuinely good place to stay, I’d like to introduce you to Park Hyatt. A five-star hotel, which I first got to know 5 years ago, and that I’ve already stayed in a handful of times. Ideally located, Park Hyatt in Hamburg offers you everything you need for a successful mini vacation.

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Park Hyatt, which is part of the Hyatt family, was introduced in 1980. Although the 40-year old brand has always catered to high end- and business travellers, leisure guests are now also part of its portfolio.
During my recent stay at Park Hyatt in Hamburg, I noticed several families with children and couples, and it’s easy to understand why; apart from it’s very central location, just a few steps away from the main central station, the hotel offers everything you could possibly need during your mini vacation. Stylish interior and great in-house dining are two of the things. And a splendid breakfast offer, but I’ll get back to that.

In my opinion, every hotel has its own unique stories to tell; even if it’s part of a chain. In this case, the uniqueness begins already upon arrival, as you’re stepping inside the historical Levantehaus to reach the hotel on the 1st floor. Levantehaus is an office building built in 1912, which means it has survived two world wars and kept many of its original features. With clear references to the past, Levantehaus is the perfect setting for a 5-star hotel like Park Hyatt. Your journey as a guest begins the minute you reach the main entrance guarded by at a couple of friendly concierges.

Upstairs, you’re greeted by a large open reception/lobby area dressed in cherry wood, marble and sandstone. Hamburg’s maritime past is represented here and there, but otherwise Park Hyatt oozes of international elegance – with a dash of Asian minimalism. Just like any other Park Hyatt property I’ve visited in the past.

There are 283 rooms, including 21 suites and 31 apartments, which allows a wide variety of guests. All rooms come with fast WiFi, A Nespresso machine and two complimentary bottles of water. If you need to work during your stay, I’d recommend you to opt for a so-called ‘Park Suite King‘; a 56 m2 room with a separate living and working area. An obvious choice if you’re traveling with a partner.

The dining experience at Park Hyatt in Hamburg deserves to be highlighted. I’ve had a bit too many boring hotel meals in my life, so it’s refreshing to visit a hotel that actually delivers when it comes to gastronomy. For instance, farm-to-table is a key concept here. In the restaurant, Apples, the open show kitchen enables guests to look directly into the kitchen while their food is being prepared. In my opinion, that’s authentic and something the modern traveller would certainly appreciate. The “theme” here is local delicacies with an international twist, which matches the concept of farm-to-table quite well.

Breakfast is also enjoyed in the restaurant – our on the terrace in summer – but of course, things have changed a bit due to Covid-19. Table serving has now replaced the breakfast buffet, and guests can choose between a handful of different breakfast options, e.g. a Continental version. Side orders include waffles, pancakes and eggs in different variations.

Have you ever enjoyed a traditional High Tea? If not, make sure to try one in the Park Lounge where you can also snuggle up in front of the crackling fireplace during the colder months. If cocktails are what you’re looking for, perhaps before dinner, Apples Bar is your destination.

Lastly, let’s take a look at the spa. A stay here wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Club Olympus, which consists of a large swimming pool, a fitness area and traditional spa facilities such as sauna, jacuzzi and steam bath. Due to Covid-19, the spa facilities are currently closed – fingers crossed they’ll open again soon.

Park Hyatt is traditional yet modern. Elegant yet urban. You’ll get that big city vibe when staying here, and it’s without a doubt the perfect base for exploring Hamburg. For my Danish readers; Hamburg can be reached within 4 hours by car from Copenhagen. Once you arrive, the staff will park your car in a nearby car park. It’s just as easy (if not easier) to arrive by train, though. 5 minutes by foot and you’re here.

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Current safety measures at Park Hyatt Hamburg:

Guests are encouraged to wear a mask indoor (not when seated) and to keep a distance. Bottles of hand sanitizers are provided in the reception and restaurant area. Please contact the hotel for further information if you have any questions.

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