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Checking in: Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center, Copenhagen
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Checking in: Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center, Copenhagen

tivoli hotel copenhagen

I know. An odd time to publish a hotel review – or perhaps the perfect time? In the midst of the Corona-crisis, travelers are trawling the internet for digital eye candy to soothe their growing wanderlust, and hotels are coming up with innovative solutions to thrive and survive. When I had the pleasure of staying at Tivoli Hotel in Copenhagen back in February, I couldn’t have imagined that the world, only a few months later, would look radically different. Luckily, hospitality will survive and people will start traveling again sooner or later. That’s why I’m happy to introduce you to this magical hotel in Copenhagen today. Soon, it’s time to start planning your next trip!


tivoli hotel copenhagen


An Executive Experience

Have you heard about Tivoli in Copenhagen – the world’s oldest amusement park? If not, it’s about time you Google it! If yes, well… then you’re going to love Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center, which is basically Tivoli wrapped up as a hotel. According to the hotel’s website, their most important job is to combine business and pleasure, adding a dash of romance and entertainment. Perhaps that’s why, according to Tripadvisor, they’re rated with four out of five stars in average.

Tivoli Hotel is a big venue with 679 rooms, 4 restaurants, a fitness center, 2 spas and a business center. The rooms are spread across two towers, City Tower and Harbour Tower, and you’ll probably feel like you’d need a map to find your way around. Don’t worry – after around 30 minutes, I felt at home and could easily find my way around – and I loved the big airy spaces flooded by light throughout the day. Tivoli Hotel isn’t just “another big hotel” – this place has soul and offers a genuine interest in its guests.

tivoli hotel copenhagen

There are 8 different room categories spanning from ‘Standard’ to ‘Tivoli themed’ rooms. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to experience the latter – but I can give my warmest recommendation to the ‘Executive’ category, which I was lucky enough to stay in. Perfect for couples or even a smaller family, this room category of 24m2 spoils you with nice views of the city (they’re located on 6th-11th floor), and a range of extra services. I especially liked the Executive Lounge, which you’re free to enjoy if you’re staying in one of these rooms. Some of these rooms come with a small loft from where it’s possible to enjoy the starry night sky and the buzzing city from above. Quite magical!
Speaking of the Executive Lounge; this is the luxurious heart of Tivoli Hotel. Nestling on the 11th floor in the City Tower, one can enjoy a panoramic view of Copenhagen while having a snack, a coffee or a glass of wine. And everyday, guests can participate in Tea Time or Snack Hour.
The 11th floor is also where the Executive breakfast buffet is served. Definitely one of the highlights of my stay! I was worried that it might be crowded with people, but it wasn’t – instead, soft music was flowing from the speakers while two lovely waitresses were making sure that their guests were satisfied. A chef prepared the eggs while all other treats, such as homebaked break and pastries, were temptingly placed on little islands in the breakfast lounge.

tivoli hotel copenhagen


A slice of spa heaven

My second favorite thing about Tivoli Hotel is the brand new Penthouse Pool & Relax on the 12th floor. Back in February when I was there, the floating pool had just seen the light of day – and boy, what a treat! I made sure to go there early in the morning which basically meant that I had the entire space to myself. Only accompanied by an epic sunrise and the light-flooded glass windows, I felt like a princess on holiday. Apart from the heated floating pool – which makes you feel like you’re swimming on top of the city – there’s also a sauna and a relaxation area full of free treats such as bottled water, iced coffee, smoothies and healthy snacks. As the name indicates, this spa is only available for guests in Executive Rooms, Junior Suites or Suites. But of course, there’s also an additional and even bigger spa, which is open for everyone.

tivoli hotel copenhagen
Fancy a floating rooftop pool experience? Then you’ve come to the right place here!


Click here and here to view live footages of the floating pool and the view from the 12th floor.

It’s hard to talk about Tivoli Hotel without mentioning children, cause this hotel is basically perfect for them (and for their parents who need to relax!). Being a mother myself, I’m happy to know that a hotel in Copenhagen offers this many fun facilities for children of all ages! A big play room on the 2nd floor is full of colorful design and fun activities for the little ones while a large outdoor play ground can entertain them for hours. Lastly, everyone can enjoy a break in ‘Columbines Garden’ on the 2nd floor. This is definitely ‘a family affair’.

Last, but not least, I need to mention the restaurants of the hotel. Cause let’s be honest; what’s a hotel without a good restaurant? In Tivoli Hotel, you can find not one or two, but FOUR restaurants! Needless to say, you can have food inspired by all four continents here. Let’s begin with the Tivoli Brasserie; serving both as the breakfast room and an international restaurant, this is where most guests gather to enjoy a good, honest meal. The Tivoli Bar & Lounge caters to ‘the small hunger’ all day through – just like the Lobbybar. And then there’s the Skybar Sticks ‘n’ Sushi and Mash Penthouse – each enjoying magnificent locations on top of the hotel. The sushi restaurant is a place like few others in Copenhagen; along with top quality sushi and delicious cocktails, you can enjoy the sunset or early hours of the night from first row. I remember celebrating New Year’s here a handful of years ago, and it was a night I’l never forget. Partly due to the breathtaking view and the indoor swings that only adds to the experience. Mash is a well-known steak restaurant in Copenhagen, and this is their most iconic location. Fancy a juicy steak? Then this is the place to go.

tivoli hotel copenhagen


Tivoli Hotel is in walking distance from all the major sights in Copenhagen, and you can reach Copenhagen Central Station in just 10-12 minutes by foot. Copenhagen Airport is just 20 minutes away by train. The hotel is perfectly suited for families with children, but also couples in need of a romantic weekend with NO kids. The great thing is that both scenarios are possible here. A stay here is a comfortable escape from everyday life, and I can’t wait to return.

For more information about Tivoli Hotel, click here.




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