Regitse Rosenvinge is an experienced content creator, communication consultant and storyteller based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Specialized in the creative side of the hospitality industry, Regitse has more than 10 years of experience tailoring communication and marketing solutions for international hospitality businesses, e.g., hotels, restaurants, catering companies and cafés as well as wellness and travel brands.

Regitse’s creative mind and passion for words, content and branding, makes her an interesting hybrid that will contribute positively to the growth of any service- and hospitality based company. Her services can be purchased on a monthly retainer or on a freelance level. Companies are also able to book her for internal workshops on e.g., brand storytelling and sustainability in a hospitality context. Click here to read more about her services.

More info:

In her early 20’s, Regitse lived and worked in Switzerland where her passion for hotels was ignited. A few years after that, she launched the travel blog, The Copenhagen Traveller, which was nominated as one of the world’s top 3 luxury travel blogs in 2016. Moreover, Regitse has worked as a freelance travel journalist and published two books: ‘FREELANCER’ in 2018 and the e-book ‘Storytelling for Hotels’ in 2020.

Awarded as a Global Top25 Hospitality Influencer twice (latest in 2021), Regitse is also sitting on both sides of the table in terms of influencer marketing and what works for specifically hospitality brands in terms of marketing and PR.

Visit her hospitality blog here.

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