Throughout the past years, I have worked with a wide selection of businesses in the travel, lifestyle and hospitality sectors. Here is a glimpse of my portfolio.

  • Yrolí (Danish skincare brand) 

  • Ehrenberg Sørensen (Danish PR & Communication Agency):

  • iLoveEcoEssentials (Eco Skincare for Hotels & Privates):

  • Copenhagen Cocktail Academy

  • Regent Berlin (luxury hotel) 

  • Tranegården (Danish Dairy Farm):

  • Bandholm Badehotel (Danish Beach Hotel):

  • Langhoff & Juul (Danish Boutique Hotel & Restaurant):

  • Bethlen Estates (Family-owned Boutique Hotel in Transylvania):

  • Black Apron (Café & Bakery in Berlin):

  • The Student Hotel Berlin:

  • Kaffee.Bar (Café in Berlin):

  • WOW Tech Group

    And more