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D’Angleterre: Wellness and bon vivant in historical settings
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D’Angleterre: Wellness and bon vivant in historical settings

For most people, the grand old lady of Copenhagen, Hotel D’Angleterre, is a symbol of proud traditions and the extravagant lifestyle of the elite. This specific group of people has enjoyed life here for more than 250 years; from the noblemen, who arrived on horseback in the 18th Century to present-day actors and rock musicians from all over the world. “If only walls could speak” one thinks, when entering the glamorous rooms, which by the way hasn’t changed much since the very beginning. Come join us for a tour of Denmark’s most luxurious hotel! 


From then till now

Originally, the hotel was an eatery built by a Frenchman and his wife in 1755, but after a change of ownership and the big fire in Copenhagen in 1795, there wasn’t much left of the original building. The German owner at that time, Gottfried Raue, quickly saw new opportunities, so he bought the noble mansion at the corner of Østergade and Kgs. Nytorv and turned it into a hotel. And the rest is history.

Ever since that time, Hotel D’Angleterre has experienced many different ownerships and just as many renovations – latest in 2011, when The Remmen Foundation took over. They wanted to cut back on the number of rooms, but heighten the level of comfort. On the 1st of May 2013, the door’s opened to a brand “new” D’Angleterre. Memories lingers, but the hotel has undoubtedly gone through a mighty face lift giving more space for new facilities.

Som det så ud i 1700-tallet
Hotel D’Angleterre as it looked like during the 18th Century

Comfortable luxury

Upon our arrival we’re greeted by a couple of friendly hotel clerks, who seem to know the drill very well. The distinctive top hat and light grey clothing makes a special uniform and reveals a service level above average. Inside, another world appears; a world far away from the hectic everyday life and trivialities. A world with room for dreams and show off, and you instantly understand why stars like Grace Kelly and Victor Borge felt at home here.

The reception and lounge area is full of smiling employees, busy bell boys and American tourist, who have settled down in the comfortable couches. One understands why they’ve chosen D’Angleterre; a hotel with a focus on comfort, a high service level and modern art. It feels liberating that “a smaller city” like Copenhagen now accommodates a hotel, which meets high international standards.

As mentioned before, art plays an important role in this hotel. It’s scattered tastefully on the walls and throughout the interior – and even the suites are furnished with great pieces of art from Danish artists like H.C. Andersen, Karen Blixen and Bertel Thorvaldsen. Here guests can gambol on 95 m2 while the absolute luxury suite, The Royal Suite, offers an astonishing 150 m2 of refined elegance. At the same time it offers a great view of Copenhagen.
There are 35 rooms and suites in total, and they’re all furnished with large inviting bathrooms and many of them with a private balcony.

Guldloftet er bevaret helt fra gammel tid i det smukke indgangsparti
The beautiful gold ceiling in the lobby is preserved from past times
A suite inspired by Africa and Karen Blixen
Udsigten fra 'The Royal Suite' - fås næppe bedre...
The view from ‘The Royal Suite’

Michelin and champagne

No matter if you’re a tourist in the city or a staying guest at D’Angleterre, we recommend passing by the restaurant Marchal. The roofed veranda in front has been renovated, and it now stands exactly like it did hundreds of years ago. Enjoy a glass of wine or a snack here while looking at the crowds outside.

The modern touch of Marchal and its Nordic kitchen gives an impression of lightness, and it fits perfectly with the black lacquered wooden interior and heavy curtains. It’s the perfect combination of exclusivity and cosiness. The Michelin chef Ronny Emborg is already quite well-known for his modern take on both the French and Nordic kitchen, which makes a dining experience here quite sublime. Especially if it’s combined with a following visit to the champagne bar Balthazar.

Balthazar is the first of its kind in Denmark, and any champagne enthusiast will instantly feel at home when entering the stylish room. There’s always an excuse for a glass of champagne, but if you fancy a well-made cocktail, you mustn’t miss out on the ‘Downtown Abbey’, which is an elegant mix of passion fruit, licorice, Belvedere vodka and Brut Champagne. One of those and you’re assured an amazing night in one of the most historical places in Copenhagen!

Marchal byder på delikate og lette nyfortolkninger af franske klassikere
Marchal offers a variety of French classics with a twist
"Kun de fantasiløse kan ikke finde en anledning til at drikke champagne". Velkommen til Balthazar!
Welcome to Balthazar!

Holistic well-being

Amazing Space is the name of the newly renovated spa area, which can be reached from both the hotel and the street. Their holistic approach to beauty  makes it a haven of Nordic wellness. The tranquil atmosphere and lovely scents filling the air can de-stress anyone. But the best part? You kind of forget that there’s a world outside. Try a ‘Nordic Space treatment that includes a body wrap, lava stone massage and a facial. If anything, this will leave you completely relaxed!

Der er lagt op til masser af selvforkælelse i Amazing Space!

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