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FIVE Zurich: A New Nightlife & Lifestyle Hotel has Landed in Europe
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FIVE Zurich: A New Nightlife & Lifestyle Hotel has Landed in Europe

five zurich

Close your eyes. Imagine stepping into a world of neon lights, music, gastronomy and design. Now add first class hospitality and you’ll have FIVE Zurich. Welcome to a different kind of hotel; an extravagant nightlife destination embracing the fun side of life. The Dubai-founded FIVE Hotels & Resorts has recently opened the doors to its first European property, and visitors are in for a treat. Heading to Zurich soon? Then you should definitely keep this on your radar.

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Osho, an Indian spiritual teacher, once said; “Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated”. Nothing fits the vibe of FIVE Hotels & Resorts better. An ode to glamour, music and good vibes, the new FIVE Zurich property opened its doors just a few months ago and aims to be a hang-out spot for both local Zürchers and international travellers. The most interesting thing, in my opinion, is the constellation of the concept, which taps directly into the future of hospitality. This isn’t just a hotel or resort from which you’re able to explore the surroundings. It’s the destination. In other words; a venue with lots of different activities to satisfy the needs of any modern traveller, making sure residents won’t ever need to actually leave the property.

five zurich

Concepts like FIVE are here to stay. In high demand amongst the Gen Z segment, it actively sets the tone in hospitality for the decades to come. Not particularly immersed in sustainability (another big trend of our time), FIVE Zurich is, however, set to be Leed Platinum certified by January 2023, and there are eco-friendly amenities in all the rooms, including wood and corn starch instead of plastics etc.


FIVE is all about socializing and celebrating life. When entering the new hotel in Zurich, you’re met by open lobby space filled with art and design, books, comfy chairs and a bar serving up coffee, snacks and drinks. There are several venues here inviting residents to relax or enjoy a meal together. Boasting 5 restaurants and bars, all tapping into different types of cuisine, I’d say there’s something for every taste here.

A view of Maiden Shanghai

On my first night here, I had the pleasure (and I mean pleasure!) of dining at Maiden Shanghai; a contemporary Chinese gourmet venue serving up lots of delicate Chinese dishes with a modern flair. Executive Chef, Luo Bing (Gault & Millau), is usually to be found in the kitchen of Maiden Shanghai at FIVE Dubai, but once in a while, he travels to Zurich to make sure everything runs smooth and according to his standards. During my visit, he graciously tended to his guests and made sure everyone had a wonderful gastronomical experience. I’ve never had Chinese food of this standard before. It was simply marvellous.

The neighbouring street food paradise Soul St. is a carefree, relaxed restaurant with wooden tables and colourful décor, inviting you in for a “taste of the world”. Fingerfood, bespoke cocktails and happy tunes; good times are flowing here as you’re met by smiles from the waiters.

Welcome to Soul St.
Cocktails at The Vault

The third venue, The Vault, sets the tone as an eclectic wine bar with an exquisite view over Zurich and the mountains as a backdrop. The cocktail list here is out of the ordinary – Chocolate Negroni, Popcorn Sour or Lemoncake Martini, anyone?

The bartenders can mix up basically any drink you’d like, but with an extensive Swiss wine list, it would almost be a sin not to indulge in a glass of local wine. The sommelier’s here know their stuff.

The icing on the cake is The Penthouse located on the top floor of FIVE Zurich. On our last evening at the hotel, we were spoiled rotten in the (Japanese) restaurant, which is actually a nightclub as well. It’s not often you get to dance while you eat (or was it the other way around?) and enjoy a vibrant club scene with decadent interior and impeccable views. Speaking of club scene; FIVE Dubai has long been a destination for worldclass music events and famous DJ’s, and the tradition has now been passed on to their first European property making sure that the legendary party scene lives on.

DJ Sam Starks at The Penthouse

It’s our passion to deliver world-class, inimitable entertainment experiences. While we welcome an international crowd to our music events in Dubai, we’re excited to bring those beloved concepts to Zurich and raise the bar even further to deliver avant-garde music experiences in Europe.

Aloki Batra, CEO, FIVE Hotels & Resorts


ReFive is the name of the in-house spa and wellness department, which is scattered across 560 m2. An urban sanctuary, guests can choose between a wide range of treatments, a Spa Suite with jacuzzi and steam bath, a sauna and relaxation room, and two swimming pools: one inside and one outside. Last-mentioned is heated all year around, so you don’t have to be a viking to endure. As they say; “Detox before you retox”.
Another form of wellness around here is hiking. Located at the foot of a mountain, and a 30-minute walk from Zurich city center, there are plenty of options to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and Swiss air during a stay.

ReFive Spa
A bit of work before departure!

5-star FIVE Zurich is certainly a one-of-a-kind experience. A winning concept for those who like to dance, drink and dine, everyone could use a getaway, allowing them to completely forget about the outside world for a while. That’s what FIVE does to you. More than just a place to stay, it’s a feeling, a state of mind and a refuge. Naturally, FIVE Zurich, has to be one of the hottest hotel openings of 2022! I certainly can’t wait to be back here. See for yourself in this Instagram Reel I made a few weeks ago 🎉

For more information, click HERE.

FIVE Zurich is part of FIVE Hotels & Resorts, which already have two properties in Dubai and more coming soon. FIVE Zurich is their first and only property in Europe (so far).

FIVE Zurich Hotel
Döltschiweg 234
8055 Zurich

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