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Glanz & Tanz Berlin (and the beauty of waking up early!)

Glanz & Tanz Berlin (and the beauty of waking up early!)

glanz & tanz berlin

A few days ago, I did something I rarely do; I got out of bed before 7AM to attend a social event! OK, so with a toddler in the house, it’s not exactly unusual to start the day early, but getting up before the sun – to see it rise and feel the city awaken – was pure magic! And it’s something I’d definitely like to do more often in 2019.

Perhaps it didn’t take much convincing either, as I knew I was about to start my day in the most fun, energetic and mindful way possible! This post is not sponsored; I simply want to share the joys (and benefits!) of rising early and seizing the day. In this case, we could also call it Glanz & Tanz 😉

glanz & tanz berlin
Get up and DANCE!

Have you ever attended a morning party? Forget about the alcohol, puffy eyes and smudged mascara! This is the sober version taking it next level with healthy smoothies, oat milk cappuccino’s, dance, meditation and yoga. Not to sound self-righteous (there’s absolutely nothing wrong with an old-school morning party!), but for an entrepreneur-spirit and A-person like me, I could hardly find a better way to kickstart a new, fresh work day.

Glanz & Tanz is a recurring event in Berlin, and while there are many, many morning events and early yoga classes to attend in the city, I like the simple yet life confirming message of: “get up and dance!” Why not celebrate life on a very ordinary Wednesday at 7AM? Who said that dancing is restricted for night clubs only? Sure – I could’ve stayed longer and participated much more in all the actives on this Wednesday morning, but the most important thing was that I went. I overcame my urge to stay in bed and was rewarded with happy vibes, sunrise views from Alexanderplatz and that undefinable and deeply satisfying feeling of observing the world as it wakes up.

the reed berlin
Rise and shine!

Perhaps you’re not a morning person? If so, this probably sound like nonsense to you. Regardless, I’m urging you to pamper yourself with one early morning a week. Set you alarm for sunrise (which should’t be too hard at the moment…) and have some quiet time with yourself. Meditate, write, play music, cook breakfast, read. Whatever you do, let it define your coming day in the most positive and loving way possible. I’m sure you’ll get it then.

Glanz & Tanz (literally meaning ‘shine and dance’ in German), was held at The Reed in Berlin Mitte; an incredible club-restaurant, café and event space in one. Next sober morning disco will be held on March 20th 2019. For more info, follow them on Instagram


5 benefits of waking up early —->
the reed berlin
The Reed

5 benefits of waking up early:

  1. You’ll have a calm and invigorating start to the day
  2. You’ll be able to catch a beautiful sunrise
  3. You’ll have time enough to do your rituals – including cooking a hearty breakfast
  4. You’ll become more productive as you have a head start to the day
  5. You can carve out time for exercise, whether it’s walking or biking to work, hitting the gym etc.


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