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Historical luxury at Nimb Hotel in Copenhagen
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Historical luxury at Nimb Hotel in Copenhagen

Nimb Hotel in the heart of Copenhagen has always attracted connoisseurs and hedonists from all corners of the world. This year the hotel can celebrate their 104 years birthday and the historical settings still frame a luxury experience out of the ordinary. Join us for a tour at the hotel, which combines the magic of the amusement park Tivoli with Nordic charm and simplicity. 

Nimb then and now
Vilhelm and Louise Nimb was the leading gastronomical entrepreneurs in Copenhagen in the end of the 19th Century and beginning of the 20th Century. They took over their first restaurant in Tivoli, Divan 2, in the year of 1877 and following the enormous success they experienced here, it was natural for the couple to open Restaurant Nimb in 1909. The restaurant quickly developed to be the preferred eatery amongst the jet setters in Copenhagen and up through the 1920’s Nimb became immensely popular within the circles of the young party crowd of the capital.

Through the 1930’s the broadcasting company of Denmark used the restaurant to send out live transmissions of that times dance music and the transmissions reached thousands of people from all over the country. A name was created and a luxury brand could take its beginning. 

The former CEO and architect of Tivoli, Knud Arne-Peteresen, was in charge of the erection of the building in 1909, but since that time the establishment has been thoroughly renovated – latest in 2007, where a complete renovation took place of both the facade and the interior. It was at this point that Nimb changed to be a luxury boutique hotel.

Fru Louise Nimb
Mrs. Louise Nimb

An oasis in the city
The hotel itself consists of 17 uniquely decorated rooms (hereof 12 suites) and they all reflect the classic, Nordic design combined with antiquities and warm colors. Here one can gambol in king size beds with luxury linens from Geismar’s, enjoy a cup of tea in front of the crackling fire and enjoy the quality B&O equipment, which is installed in each room. Furthermore, it’s possible to borrow an iPad in the reception and many of the rooms offer one of the best views in town; a view of the old amusement park, Tivoli. 

Mørkt træ og godt lysindfald - her i én af suiterne
One of the suites

Apart from luxurious rooms Nimb offers lots of other facilities, e.g. a well-equipped French wine bar in the cellar of the hotel. I’d recommend that you visit and enjoy a glass of wine from the large selection that counts more than 1.200 different sorts. Wine tastings are often held in the cellars, but if you’re more of a cocktail person, it’s definitely recommendable to pay the old hall a visit. Guests are no longer dressed in white ties and full evening dresses here, but the lounge ambience and impressive crystal chandeliers will make it an unforgettable night anyway. 

Vinoteket byder på mere end 1.000 forskellige vine - og masser af god stemning!
The cosy wine bar

A 100 years ago guests could enjoy the gastronomical level at Nimb and they still do today, although conditions have changed a bit. The establishment today offers not one, but 3 restaurants, where one can indulge in both French delicacies, tender meat and light, Nordic appetizers. Nimb Brasserie has a relaxed atmosphere and reasonable prices as well as a pretty view towards Tivoli. Nimb Bar’n’Grill is grill gastronomy on a high scale and apart from the familiar classics like lamb chops and beuf bearnaise, you can enjoy a glass of champagne accompanied by some of the finest caviar available. Nimb Terrasse is the oldest restaurant in Tivoli and it’s situated in the middle of the old amusement park which means both great views and a very special atmosphere. Go here if you want to enjoy seasonal dishes made from genuine, fresh ingredients such as fish and vegetables. Nimb Terrasse has a modern touch and it’s even recommended in the Michelin Guide. 

Velkommen indenfor på Nimb Brasserie!
Welcome to Nimb Brasserie!

During summer season it’s possible to have your meal while enjoying a great concert in Tivoli. Nimb offers a special dinner package every Friday night consisting of 3 courses with aperitif and coffee.

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