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Holistic Skin Care & 3 Innovative Brands
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Holistic Skin Care & 3 Innovative Brands

holistic skin care brands

To me, holistic skincare is all about taking care of not only your body, but your soul as well. Running a blog that pays tribute to holistic lifestyle, amongst other things, I sometimes have the pleasure of trying out different skincare brands, so with this post, I’d like to introduce you to three of my new favourites: BioEffect, Ringana and L. Raphael. Although very different, all three brands provide a clean and honest approach to modern skincare. More nature and less chemistry sums it up. Keep reading if you’re curious to learn more about holistic skincare – and what these three brands individually contribute with on the international skincare scene.

What Does Holistic Skincare Mean?

Having a holistic approach to your skincare routine basically means that you treat your skin – and your body – in a “whole” way, taking all parts into consideration. Or put in another way; holistic skincare looks at the bigger picture and tries to understand the source of the issue instead of just looking at one or two symptoms. Let’s take an example; you’re challenged by dry skin. Instead of randomly applying a moisturizer (there are millions on the market that all promise magical results!), consider what the root of the problem could be. Do you drink enough water? Are your current products benefiting your skin, or should you consider changing the brand or the products you use on a daily basis? When you look at your skincare and beauty rituals like this, it becomes so much more than just moisturizers and cleansers.

Putting on an expensive moisturizer if you have dry skin isn’t enough. We must look at ourselves as “a whole”, which makes me want to say that holistic skincare has much to do with the principles of Ayurveda (which I’ll cover in a different post soon). It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with organic skincare, although it likely does, and it’s not some sort of new esoteric trend for people believing that 100% pure ingredients made from carrots and kale is the only way forward. Holistic skincare is part of a holistic lifestyle where looking at the cause instead of treating a symptom is essential. That goes for skincare and beauty, but also for nutrition, inner peace and balance in general. The word ‘balance’ plays a significant role here, as our body, soul and mind is inevitably connected.

So, what does that have to do with the three skincare brands I’m going to introduce you to today? Well, first and foremost, that all three brands offer more than just moisturizers and cleansers. They tap into a lifestyle that promotes balance and health – and as a result of that, we get better-looking skin.



This Austrian skincare brand provides clean, fresh products that truly make a difference. More than just another ‘organic skincare provider’, Ringana walk their talk. From procurement of raw materials to the selling phase, they conserve resources, operate sustainably – and bring seriously pure products to the market. Ringana don’t just use ingredients, but active ingredients that expire, which means they’re so fresh you could almost eat them! That means no preservatives, microplastics or minerals oils (to mention a few), which is often found in conventional beauty and skincare products.

What I personally love about this brand is the fact that they’re so transparent and authentic. The products, from moisturizers to cleansers and serums, smell and taste of what’s in them. Not that you should eat them, but you could if you wanted to, and I absolutely love that. And when you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Why would you ever put something on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth?

Each product holds an expiry date, and there’s a very simple reason for that; the ingredients that are best at keeping us young, loose their effect the quickest. The products are filled with extremely potent and raw ingredients, including their supplements.

My favourite products: FRESH Cream Rich, FRESH Overnight Face Treatment & CAPS Fem (supplement).

Click here for more information.


This Icelandic science-based skincare brand has my deepest respect. Not only was it founded by three scientists who believed in the power of combining pure, no-nonsense ingredients with biotechnology; the team is constantly expanding their research of skin cells, growth factors and innovative ingredients. If you’re into science, you won’t have any problems understanding the core DNA of BioEffect! If not, it might needs a little explanation. Regardless, the award-winning products are backed up by countless of in-house studies, lasting from 2 months up to 3 years (!). All the products support the skin’s natural production of collagen.

Barley is the main ingredient in BioEffect’s products; it’s sustainable, pure and grown in Icelandic volcanic pumice. The company’s greenhouse, which is located 50 km’s from Reykjavik, can nurture up to 130.000 barley plants at a time. From seed to final product; it doesn’t get any cleaner than this. This is Nordic beauty in its essence.

My favourite products: Hydrating Cream, EFG Day Serum & 30 Day Treatment.

Click here for more information.

L. Raphael

Switzerland is usually synonymous with quality, and this is also the case when speaking of Swiss skincare brand, L. Raphael. Exclusivity and state-of-the-art treatments describe this pioneer within medical beauty and skincare, perhaps especially thanks to its patented LEC-40 Lipid Complex.
Founded in Geneva in 2005 by Ronit Raphael Leitersdorf, L. Raphael truly encompasses a holistic approach to wellbeing and beauty, which is why they definitely also deserve a spot on this list. Their philosophy is based on something called The 7 Foundations of Beauty; medical, nutrition, physical activity, aesthetics, age management, stress management and leisure. In other words; true beauty can only emerge when the body and mind are in complete harmony. Thus, the brand promotes an actual lifestyle more than just offering luxurious skincare products. Therein lies the holistic aspect.
Shop their products online or in their physical stores (the flagship store is still based in Geneva), or book a face or body treatment to complete the L. Raphael experience.

My favourite products: Ultimate Travel Kit, Lifting Serum & Revitalizing Dead Sea Mud Mask.

Click here for more information.

5 Elements of a Holistic Skin Care Routine

1. Provide Your Skin With The Right Ingredients

Before spending a fortune on skin care products or treatments, get to know your own skin. Consulting a dermatologist may be a good idea in order to figure out what condition your skin is in, and what it needs to thrive. Whether you’re challenged by dry skin, a greasy T-zone, acne or rashes, you won’t get extraordinary results in a day. Taking good care of your skin begins with one single step, but it’s a long-term process where underlying causes should be treated rather than masked. Drink lots of water, eat your vitamins and support your entire system with nourishing food every day. Also, establish a daily skin care ritual that you actually enjoy – like that, you’re more likely to stick with it. Even when you’re super tired or busy.

2. Practice mindful eating and drinking

Eating mindfully doesn’t only mean that you’re present when eating; it also taps into what you’re actually consuming and why. The healthier and more balanced your diet is, the more it shows on your skin – and no, you don’t have to be super healthy all the time. As long as you’re moderate and treat your body with respect and understanding of what it actually needs. That’s holistic well-being in a nutshell.

Many books have been written about healthy foods and vitamins, so I won’t go into depth with that here. Being tested for gluten and lactose intolerance might be a good idea though, as allergies to e.g. dairy products or gluten can have a major impact on not only your skin, but also your overall well-being. Also, try getting your vitamin intake from fresh products rather than supplements (last-mentioned are meant as an add-on).

As for drinks, keep it simple; drink lots of water (min. 1,5-2 litres per day) and try to keep your daily coffee intake to a minimum. Again, balance is key here, but there’s really no substitute for clean water. After all, up to 60% of the human body consists of water!

3. Stress less and sleep better

These two are connected, cause when we stress more, we usually sleep less (or worse). Stress and anxiety are controlling the lives of million of people in the Western world, but only we have the power to stop it. If you’re feeling stresses or burnt out, decide to restructure your life(style). I’ve personally implemented yoga and meditation as part of my weekly schedule after having experienced severe stress, and it has helped me both mentally and physically (and in terms of my skin).

They call is ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason. A good night’s sleep really does promote better health – and better skin!

4. Exercise regularly

Exercise is good for, well, anything. No surprise there. It improves blood flow and circulation, which is vital for detoxification. It makes you sleep better, which is directly linked to better skin, and it regulates cortisol, the damaging stress hormone, which is also responsible for inflammation and acne). Oh, and sweating during exercise makes your skin clear out. So, to sum it up, try to incorporate a bit of exercise every day – that includes walking to walk, taking the stairs, jumping on the bike instead of driving etc.

5. Pamper yourself!

How often do you not prioritize others in favour of yourself? If you’re like most women, probably pretty often! It’s time to change that! Book the massage or the manicure, grant yourself a long lunch break to get a facial, go to the woods and meditate, invest in some really nice skin care products (like the ones in this post!), take those yoga classes or carve out time for a cooking course. Whatever you feel that you and your body needs, go do that. When you give yourself permission to relax and just BE, your health improves. It’s as simple as that.

To me, self-pampering is much more than just caring for my physical body; it’s nurturing my soul and taking care of my mental health as well. If that’s not important in the world that we live in, I don’t know what is.
Plan your weekly self-care activities with love and start showing up for YOU.

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