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Hotel Lungarno: an authentic 5 star hotel in Florence, Italy
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Hotel Lungarno: an authentic 5 star hotel in Florence, Italy

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If you’re keen on classic luxury, Italy is the place to be! And Florence, in particular, offers some of the most sought after luxury hotels dedicated to timeless elegance and comfort. Tempted? Then you should keep reading, as I’ll introduce you to a wonderful property by the name of Hotel Lungarno. 

hotel lungarno italy

I’ve written several posts about The Lungarno Collection – an Italian collection of luxury design hotels with properties in Florence and Rome. This time, I’ll dedicate my words to Hotel Lungarno, which can be considered “the mothership” of the collection. And it’s easy to understand why; you’ll be hard pressured to find an Italian 5 star hotel more elegant and authentic than this one!

It opened its doors more than 50 years ago, in 1967, and was completely renovated in 2017. Its iconic blue and brown leather furniture in the lobby – along with its white backdrop – has remained, though. It’s letting people know that elegance never go out of style. Everlasting elegance, one could say. Exactly what Italians are famous for. Now, I like a hotel with a lot of stories to tell, as it only ads to the experience. Hotel Lungarno certainly won’t dissapoint in this department! Its art collection count more than 450 pieces, presenting both contemporary and more traditional works of art. With its 65 rooms, this 5 star hotel in Florence comes as close to a Florentine luxury home as one could possibly imagine. And most rooms have private terraces to complete the experience.

hotel lungarno italy

Local interior designer, Michael Bönan, has worked with several of the Lungarno Collection’s hotels, including this one. He compares it to a grand cruise ship floating down the Arno (the river in Florence). Guests will almost get the feeling of sailing on calm waters, which is one of the unique traits of this particular property.

hotel lungarno

Hotel Lungarno accommodates the 1 Michelin star restaurant Borgo San Jacopo as well as the The Picteau Cocktail Bar, where you can enjoy a cocktail while enjoying original art works by Picasso and Cocteau. Last, but not least, the private dining terrace serve as the perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner for two. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t think of anything more romantic than this!

hotel lungarno italy

If you’re interested in booking a stay at this magical little place in Florence, click here to know more (there are several promotions available on the website).

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