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Hotel re-opening: 3 things to consider before welcoming guests post-Pandemic.

Hotel re-opening: 3 things to consider before welcoming guests post-Pandemic.

hotel opening post pandemic

Some hotels now finally have a re-opening plan in place for spring/summer 2021! But there are certain factors hoteliers must consider before opening their doors for guests again.

Do you know which?

Here are three things to consider before welcoming guests post-Pandemic.

Safety and hygiene protocols.

It comes as no surprise that travellers post-Covid will have new demands and priorities. Safety and health comes in first here. Create a protocol and train your staff and team members so that everyone’s up to date on the latest regulations. Ideas: Install hand sanitizing stations, give away free disposable masks, enhance cleaning procedures and disinfect frequently. “Corona passports” or not; hygiene protocols are here to stay.

Optimize your level of service and operations.

As the expectations of travellers change in the wake of the Pandemic, so will the way they interact with your property in general. Understanding what your guests desire and need is more crucial than ever, and that goes for anything from choice of food to in-room amenities and social media interaction. In other words; boosting guest satisfaction now is the best way to ensure top reviews and returning guests (see my previous post on TripAdvisor here).

When speaking of service moving forward, it’s impossible to leave out your hotel’s presence on social media. Channels such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are not only great to be visible on due to SEO – they also give you the opportunity to connect directly with your audience, which makes them feel seen and valued. The only way you can stay top-of-mind with your guests is by posting regular quality content that resonates with your followers. So yes, carving out a budget for marketing is certainly crucial – even if your hotel isn’t entirely open yet. It’s all about visibility. Goal: that people will want to visit your hotel (instead from your competitors) once than can travel again.

Reduce contact points

As sad as it may sound – at least to me who believe that hospitality is all about human contact and being connected – reducing points of contact is a no-brainer moving past the Pandemic. But it doesn’t have to change the way you think hospitality at all. You just have to be smart about it.

Since Covid-19 can spread via surfaces, you must minimize touch as much as possible, from entrance and greeting to payment methods and departure. Travellers expect less interaction because they want to feel safe. If you haven’t already, consider installing a revolving or electronic door at your hotel’s entrance, make it possible for people to check-in with their phones, use disposable key-cards for check-in (this can be done via mobile room access as well) and implement contactless room service.

It should come as no surprise that the regular buffet has left the building long ago, and it probably won’t return. At least not anytime soon. Instead, hotels are offering in-room dining and plated servings in spaces with fewer people. Reserving time slots for going to the gym or using the spa facilities will also be the norm moving forward. All in the name of creating a safe and hygienic environment for travellers.

Do you have any questions about the future of hospitality or how hotels can navigate this new world? Send me an email and let’s talk!

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