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Many of us have been used to working remotely as an effect of the recent Pandemic. For me, it has been a lifestyle for years, and there’s a reason I usually choose local hotels to work from. I’m probably biased since I’m working in hospitality, but working from hotels gives me joy and sparks my creativity. In this post, I’m showing you 8 properties in Copenhagen that are perfect for remote working! They all have a few things in common; cosy surroundings, great coffee, and central locations. Bookmark this post for next time you’re looking to get some work done in Copenhagen.


Located in Copenhagen’s hip Vesterbro neighbourhood, this quaint little boutique hotel offers the perfect mix of French finesse and cute Scandi interior. Since its opening, Coco has been a favourite place to hang out for both tourists and locals – perhaps because of the feeling of ‘home’ you immediately get when entering the lobby and café area. Or perhaps because of the calm courtyard, which provides you with the ideal refuge on warmer days. Sometimes all you need to get work done is a drink, right? Oh, and perhaps some trendy tunes and salty snacks. Get it all at Coco Hotel.

Pro’s: Good vibes, cosy interior, ideal for coffee meetings.
Con’s: Small(er) space where hiding in a corner (if that’s what you need) isn’t so easy.

Coco Hotel, Vesterbrogade 41, 1620 Copenhagen


What formerly housed a department store is now an upscale design hotel in the heart of Copenhagen’s “Latin district”. Once you step onto the escalators taking you to the reception and lobby area, you feel the international atmosphere. Lots of space, air and light – that’s what I like about working from Skt Petri Hotel. Grab a coffee or some lunch at the café, or find your own little corner in the spacious lobby area. On warmer days, you can move outside to the open terrace, where food is also served.

Pro’s: Lots of space and light. Interesting design.
Con’s: Not the cheapest option for remote workers. On busy days, the lobby area will be quite full.

Skt Petri Hotel, Krystalgade 22, 1172 Copenhagen


A four-star boutique hotel located close to the waterfront in Copenhagen’s “royal” neighbourhood; Skt. Annæ has roots all the way to 1851. Back then, it was run as an illegal hotel called ‘Neptun’. Fast forward to 2013 where a family bought the property and turned it into what it is today; a chic design-oriented boutique hotel. It only got its current name, Skt. Annæ, in 2016 though.
A great place to work if you fancy an intimate and cosy venue with lots of history. It’s easy to forget the world outside when you’re sitting comfortably in the soft chairs with a newspaper and a coffee, and the staff is very friendly. Opt for a seat in the “courtyard” (photo above) if you prefer more light and space.

Pro’s: Cool location close to the harbour. Charming interior and cosy atmosphere.
Con’s: Perhaps too small if you prefer bigger spaces when working.

Hotel Skt. Annæ, Skt. Annæ Plads 18, 1250 Copenhagen.


Some would argue that the newly-opened Zoku in the outskirts of Copenhagen is a lifestyle rather than a hotel. I would say they’re absolutely right. Zoku is part of the new hotel experience that’s currently taking the world by storm; you check in for a few days, weeks or even months, mingle with other guests and explore the world around you. Working from here is ideal, simply because Zoku was made for it. It’s super easy getting in contact with other remote workers, the coffee and food selection is great, and you have an enticing view of Copenhagen while doing your thing. Working from here isn’t for free though. A 5 x co-working pass costs 1000 DKK (€135).

Pro’s: Everything here caters to remote workers. Exciting place to work from. Great lunch and good people. Not in the city center but close to the airport (practical if you’re traveling).
Con’s: It’s rather expensive to work from here, especially if you’re planning on coming often.

Zoku Copenhagen, Amagerfælledvej 108, 2300 Copenhagen.


Laidback luxury. That’s what you get at the famous Hotel Sanders located just behind the old Royal Theatre in the city center. Former ballet dancer and choreographer, Alexander Kølpin, opened this 52-room boutique property in 2017, and it has won several prizes ever since. When you step inside, it’s feels like visiting a dear (and very stylish) friend, which is wonderful because it makes you feel right at home and, above all, relaxed.
Sanders invites you in for both breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee. Sanders Kitchen – the restaurant pictured above – is a great place to grab a bite while perhaps getting some work done, but I’d sit in the dimmed light lobby with fireplace and soft music. If it’s not too busy, that is.

Pro’s: Chic, stylish interior. Great atmosphere. Very central location. Excellent food and drinks.
Con’s: If you prefer lots of space and light, this might not be the place for you. It’s pricy, but value for money, you know.

Hotel Sanders, Tordenskjoldsgade 15, 1055 Copenhagen.


Another boutique hotel in Copenhagen’s “Latin district”, SP34 is part of Brøchner Hotels who manages several properties in the Denmark. Nevertheless, you still get a very personal experience when checking in or working remotely from here. Highspeed WiFi, cosy social areas, coffee for only 10 DKK (€1,35) and a charming rooftop terrace; that’s what you get at SP34. There’s a pleasant buzz in the lobby area all day, so you can choose to camp there or find a spot in the restaurant.

Pro’s: Central location. Cosy, vibrant atmosphere. Many nooks and corners. Cheap coffee (!) and fast WiFi.
Con’s: On busy days, it might be too loud. You could opt for the terrace if it isn’t crowded as well.

Hotel SP34, Sankt Peder’s Stræde 34, 1453 Copenhagen.


I wouldn’t normally highlight a Scandic Hotel – not because there’s anything wrong with them, but simply due to the fact that I rarely go there. I prefer somewhat smaller and more personal hotels, however, the newest addition to the family, Scandic Kødbyen, is actually ideal for remote workers.
With a unique location in the trendy Meat Packing district, the interior design of the hotel definitely bears the mark of its surroundings. It’s rough, creative, spacious, arty. There are 19 meeting rooms and a spacious lobby and restaurant area where you can easily sit undistracted for hours.

Pro’s: Lots of space. Interesting location.
Con’s: Not as personal as a boutique hotel, if that’s what you’re looking for. Probably not so suitable for Vegetarians 🙂

Scandic Kødbyen, Skelbækgade 3A, 1717 Copenhagen.

NH Collection Copenhagen

NH Hotels first Scandinavia property opened in Copenhagen last Autumn (2021), and I’ve been a regular guest ever since. Not only is it located in one of my favourite areas in the city, the historical Christianshavn, and a stone’s throw from the waterfront; it holds so many great areas for remote workers and freelancers. Unless you decide to rent the Presidential Suite (pictured above), I’d recommend you getting a table in the dimmed light and quite spacious lobby. From there, you can order food and drinks, and even have calls without disturbing anyone.
NH Collection Copenhagen is a five-star hotel with 394 rooms.

Pro’s: Friendly staff. Spacious areas. International atmosphere. Elegant, timeless design.
Con’s: Not the best light for taking photos or having virtual meetings (unless you rent a meeting room).

NH Collection Copenhagen, Strandgade 7, 1401 Copenhagen.

(Read my blog article and review of the hotel HERE).

25hours Hotel

If you like the fun, quirky design of 25hours, you’ll feel exceptionally at home in their latest addition to the family, 25hours Copenhagen!
This brand new hotel caters to all you needs whether those evolve around good food and drinks, socially vibrant areas, a library, a bit of shopping – or simply getting some work done in an inspiring ambience. I’m personally a big fan of the colourful lobby/entrance area which offers comfy chairs, impressive tapestries and lots of greens to balance it out. Right in the middle of it all, there’s a bar serving hot and cold drinks as well as light snacks. The hotel has an inspiring international feel to it, and it’s a perfect place to meet with friends or business connections.

Pro’s: Very central location. Fun and inspiring atmosphere. Great place to meet with friends and business connections.
Con’s: I couldn’t find a plug for my laptop charger, so do make sure to ask about this before settling for the day or afternoon. On busy days, it might get too loud for working.

25hours Hotel Copenhagen, Pilestræde 65, 1112 Copenhagen.

(Read my blog article and review of the hotel HERE).

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