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How to create a strong hotel content marketing strategy

How to create a strong hotel content marketing strategy

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“How do you create a strong content marketing strategy for a hotel?”.

This is probably one of the questions I receive the most, but there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Each hotel is different. Unique places demand unique solutions, so that’s what I offer my clients.

One thing’s for sure though; without a strategy, success or failure is just a matter of luck.

In this post, I’ve collected a few steps that are all crucial when setting up a strong content marketing strategy for your hotel or vacation rental. Of course, a lot more goes into it than these steps, but they should give you an overview of what you actually need to consider and do.

5 steps to create a successful content marketing strategy:

1. Set your mission & goals
Define your audience and the content you’ll use to reach them. Find out what exactly you deliver – surely, it’s not just a room. It never is.

As a hotelier, your mission statement could sound something like this;

“We provide (insert target audience) with (amenities/services) to make them feel (insert feeling) or help them with (insert problem/challenge)”. E.g. “We provide business travellers between the age of 30-50 with important features such as fast WiFi, complimentary conference rooms and business lunch offers to help them focus on what they need to; work”.

Goals. These will typically be increased revenue, more website traffic, more followers on social media or reduced marketing costs.

2. Find out where to be present
From Instagram to Pinterest, newsletters to blog posts; you’ll need to decide which channels to use to get the best reach. Remember, less is often more – if it’s done well.

The process of figuring out which social media channels to use if often trial and error. I’d always opt for two channels over four or five, especially if you’re a smaller, independently-owned property.

3. Create quality content
There are loads of opinions about what good content really is. In my book, it’s well-planned, well-written, visually stunning and engaging content that serves a purpose. Do you want to show off your facilities? Would you like to communicate and engage your followers?
Good content must align with your hotel and its DNA. And this taps into branding (colours, tone of voice etc.) which is a whole different chapter – perhaps one I should write about soon 😉

Consistency, SEO and research are keywords when planning content. E.g. pick 2-3 days per week where you’ll sit down and craft your content (or ask a consultant like me to do it for you). The right SEO strategy can take your content from boring and hidden to beautiful and exposed – and trust me, you’ll want that.

If you’re in the process of creating your content marketing strategy, or would like a pair of fresh eyes to evaluate your current one, send me an email. I’m here to help.

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