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How to get top hotel rankings on TripAdvisor

How to get top hotel rankings on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel platform where travellers can share reviews of e.g. hotels and restaurants. As a hotelier, you’re probably already familiar with it – but do you know how to get top rankings for your property? Top reviews from your guests will not only make your hotel credible; it’ll save your bottom line as well.

Post Pandemic, when people can travel much more freely again, you’ll want to appear sharp on websites such as TripAdvisor. Hence, I’ve created this guide for you containing 4 tangible tips for obtaining top TripAdvisor rankings.

Make your profile up-to-date

Most people I know use TripAdvisor to some degree. It’s simply a trusted platform – especially in the wake of Covid-19. When people are finally able to roam again, they’ll most certainly look for online reviews when booking their first hotel stay(s). One of the first things you need to do is spring cleaning your TripAdvisor profile. Update information such as:

  • Your hotel’s information incl. contact information, website URL, physical address, opening times etc.
  • A detailed description of your property. Consider implementing a touch of storytelling here, as it’ll entice people more than simply adding a standardised chunk of text.
  • Make your hotel shine using stunning (and up-to-date) photos. People will want to see your rooms and amenities.
  • Categories: are you visible under the rights ones? Boutique hotel, hotel with pool, family resort…. You’ll want your potential guests to be able to find you.

It’s all about the reviews.

On a platform like TripAdvisor, it’s obviously all about having positive reviews to display. As a general rule of thumb, your possibility of obtaining positive reviews depends on three factors:

  • The amount of reviews you have (numbers do matter).
  • The quality of the reviews you have (it’s obviously important to get positive reviews in order to get a top ranking).
  • The recency of your reviews (the TripAdvisor algorithm favours newer reviews over older ones).

Creating an outstanding guest experience.

Although my field of expertise is hotel marketing, I’m also passionate about the concept of guest experience. Why? Because don’t we all love a genuinely good service? Isn’t that why we remember a specific hotel, place, restaurant? Sure, the amenities and surroundings are important, too – but in my book, nothing beats an outstanding guest experience. So, how do you create that? Anyone working within the field of hospitality, should really read these books to get started, but these five tips will definitely change your TripAdvisor rankings for the better:

1. Always respond to your reviews.

Every time your hotel gets a review, be it good or bad, make sure to respond. When running a hotel, it’s nearly impossible to get 100% good reviews – there will always be those people who expected something different. Respond in a polite and open manner, as everyone will be able to read it. In other words; how you treat people online tells a lot about the way you treat your guests. Standardised answers won’t allure anyone – instead, put your heart into your responses and care about the situation. It’ll pay off later.

2. Take feedback (and complaints) seriously.

A negative review is (usually) made for a reason. Try to understand the nature of the problem, and assure the people leaving these reviews that you care. Aim to fix it or offer an alternative. Always try to avoid a conflict – you never know if someone takes the case a step further, which could potentially be really damaging for your hotel. Most people simply just want to be understood – also when leaving a negative review on TripAdvisor – so make that your priority. Hotels simply can’t afford not taking complaints seriously – especially not if it’s the same things that are being mentioned over and over again.

3. Be honest. Always.

This should come as no surprise, but you’d actually be surprised how many hotels, restaurants etc. who don’t deliver what they promise on social media. Guests only like to be surprised if it’s in a positive way, e.g. if they receive more than what they paid for/expected. So – don’t promise people you’re in walking distance to the beach if they in reality need a car to get there. Don’t promise Vegan or Vegetarian breakfast if your kitchen isn’t prepared for it, and don’t talk about a five-star spa experience unless it really is. You get the point. People value transparency, and the only thing that’ll scare them off is the opposite.

4. Educate your staff.

Of course, your staff members are a natural extension of your hotel, providing your guests with either a wonderful or a horrible experience. You must remind your staff about the importance of your hotel getting positive reviews on TripAdvisor. Whether it’s front desk staff or house keeping, they should encourage good reviews through excellent service and lots of smiles (and yes, you can also learn to smile with your eyes if your mouth is covered by a mask!)

Would you like to know more about how to improve your digital presence? Are you brand new to TripAdvisor and in need of a helping hand setting up your profile for success? Send me an email to learn more.

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