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How to plan the perfect staycation
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How to plan the perfect staycation

the weinmeister hotel berlin

Never before have the word ‘staycation’ received as much attention as it does these days! Corona has forced us travelers to stay home, at least for a while longer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beauty of your own country! In this guide, I’m showing you how you can plan that perfect staycation for yourself and your loved ones.


1. Plan your budget

First things first; making a budget for a trip seems like the best way to get started. Local travel and weekend trips to nearby destinations can be super pricy or very budget-friendly, so the choice is yours.
When you’ve picked a date for the trip – and decided who to bring with you, if you’re not going on your own – start saving up money. Just a small amount each week can make a big difference in the end. €50 per week amounts to €200 in one month – and that should cover one night in a nice hotel – or a fancy dinner with drinks!

2. Pick a destination

Take out a physical map of your country, put it on the dining table and start dreaming! I know, there’s a big difference whether you live in the US or in Denmark, for example, but the goal is the same: to pinpoint that perfect staycation destination. Do you want to experience a rural holiday with hiking, mountains and picnics? Or a big city getaway with luxury accommodation and high end gastronomy? You can also make it easy for yourself and look up hotel or package deals on sites like or (these links aren’t sponsored – I’ve used the websites myself in the past and can recommend them for holiday planning).

The good thing about a staycation is are that you’ll experience a part of your country that might surprise you or even change your view of the country. Getting to know your own culture is valuable and such an adventure at the same time!


3. Plan your activities

Being a tourist in your own country is an excellent opening to try something new! Never surfed before? Haven’t eaten at that restaurant you’ve wanted to try for years? Now is the time! Push yourself a bit and indulge in new activities. Personally, I’d love to try out more water sports and embrace hiking. I’ve always loved it, but never felt I had the time.

Try seeing your own country as an exotic destination (OK, I know what you Danish people are thinking right now 😉 – but if you manage to look at things with a fresh perspective, you’ll make memories for life! Perhaps you’ll even make new friends?
Research websites, blogs and perhaps TripAdvisor before embarking on your trip. I usually like having a list of things to do with me in case I run out of ideas.


Create a bucket list!

One thing I love more than bucket lists is ticking off things on my bucket list! Carve out time to create a list full of things you’ve always wanted to try, do and see in your own country. Create one section dedicated to nature, another to wellness, a third to gastronomy etc.
You don’t have to fulfill each and every thing on your list during one staycation, obviously. But holding yourself accountable will make you happier and more fulfilled in the end.

Here are three things on my current bucket list:

  • Learn to fish
  • Take a Barista course
  • Paragliding

3 staycation getaway’s in Denmark

Whether you’re based in Denmark or not, it’s a good idea to remember these beautiful destinations when planning a staycation. I’ve tried and tested them myself and can’t wait to go back!

1. Lolland-Falster

An often over-looked destination in Denmark, Lolland-Falster on the south tip of the island of Zealand, is a secret paradise alluring its guests with natural splendor, fascinating history and ice cones as big as they come! It’s much less expensive here than the rest of Zealand, including Copenhagen, so you’ll definitely get value for money whether you’re dining in a restaurant or staying in a local inn. A few years ago, I embarked on a family trip to this part of Denmark, where I published this guide.

Green and yellow fields as far as the eye reaches

2. Bornholm

Or “The sunshine island”, as it’s also called. Bornholm is always charming with its cultural mix of Danish and Swedish, raw nature and rocky beaches. You’ll get by ferry from Ystad in Southern Sweden or by boat from Copenhagen. Although the island isn’t too big, it would be a shame only to spend one or two days here. With so many activities for both children and adults, not to mention the thriving food scene, you can easily spend a week here! Tip: book a room in one of the island’s charming beach hotels – it’s just like stepping back in time!

Rocks and cliffs constitute a big part of Bornholm

3. Als

From Bornholm in East to Als in West. Not too far from the German border, you’ll find the wonderful small island of Als. The main city here is called Sønderborg, and I’d recommend staying here for at least one night. There are lots of cosy shops, cafés and restaurants in the area, and beautiful nature just a stone’s throw away! You can also find several small inns and beach hotels with friendly service and nice, traditional food.

The charming hotel ‘Dyvig Badehotel’ on the island of Als

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