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My e-book “Storytelling for Hotels” is out!
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My e-book “Storytelling for Hotels” is out!

It’s a big day for me today! The e-book I’ve been working on for months, “Storytelling for Hotels”, is finally out. Digitally, that is, because I intentionally didn’t want to publish a physical one.

A few years ago, my first book, “Freelancer”, was launched in Denmark. That was a physical book, and it took a lot of work and late hours to finish it! Probably because I had given birth to my son only a few months earlier, and frankly, I wouldn’t recommend that combination to anyone!
Although I had a publishing house in my back with the first book, the process of writing and publishing a physical book is completely different from an e-book. I knew that next time I’d write a book, it would be a digital version where anyone in the world could read it (yes, it’s in English) and download it.

Some of you might know that I manage (a content marketing agency for hotels and hospitality brands) next to this blog. In the beginning of the year, just before Corona happened, I had the idea of turning my knowledge of hotel marketing and storytelling into a book. So I slowly began working towards that goal – although it has admittedly not been easy in the midst of a pandemic. The hospitality industry has suffered tremendously (it still does), but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps more than ever, hotels and restaurants need good storytelling; not only to gain more bookings, but also to create a strong reputation in a crowded market place. We will travel again, and when we do, we need authentic and stimulating accommodation options to choose from. Gone are the days of generic hotels with boring rooms descriptions; modern travellers crave experiences that’ll stick with them long after checking out.

Who is this e-book for?
Of course I wrote “Storytelling for Hotels” with an audience in mind; hotels, and particularly the smaller ones without large marketing departments. But anyone working with branding or marketing in the hospitality industry can benefit from the content of the book. Whether it’s the Hotel Owner, General Manager, Marketing Manager, Restaurateur, Coffee Shop Owner, Spa Therapist or Caterer, he or she will (hopefully) be able to draw inspiration from reading it. Keep it as a reference work for when you need to find, create and publish your own brand stories.

The e-book is 41 pages long and includes topics such as “How to find your hotel’s unique brand voice”, “Where to find the good stories”, “The recipe for a good story”, “How to measure the effect of storytelling” etc.

If you’re interested in buying a copy of the e-book yourself, click on the button below. 

Thanks for reading along!


x Regitse



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