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My recent podcast interviews on career and mindfulness

My recent podcast interviews on career and mindfulness

regitse cecillie rosenvinge podcast

In connection to publishing my book FREELANCER back in December ’18, I’ve done some quite interesting podcast interviews with both Danish and international media. Even though they’re quite different in context, they all evolve around career, freelancing, mindfulness and spirituality. I hope they’ll inspire you to live your own potential and create life on YOUR terms! Happy listening 🙂 


Soulsister Podcast:
“Become a Free-Spirtied and Mindful Freelancer” (in English)


“Interview with Spiritual Business & Life Coach: Regitse Rosenvinge” (in English)


Signe Sylvster:
“Routines & Rituals for Creative Freelancers” (in Danish)


Inspire Monday: 
“Being a Woman and Freelancer with Success” (in Danish)
inspire monday podcast


Brunch med Carla: 

“Succeeding as a (Mindful) Freelancer” (in Danish)

brunch med carla

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