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Le Grand Contrôle: New luxury hotel opening on the grounds of Versailles, France.
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Le Grand Contrôle: New luxury hotel opening on the grounds of Versailles, France.

le grand contrôle versailles

Are you ready for an extravagant hotel experience exceeding anything else you’ve ever tried before? Good, cause the very first hotel on the grounds of Versailles in France is about to open! Curious to know more? Keep reading!

le grand contrôle versailles
Photo credit: The Airelles Collection

Magic will happen in the Spring of 2020 when Chateau de Versailles is birthing a new luxury hotel combining French history with lavish architecture and one-of-a-kind atmosphere. The hotel, Le Grand Contrôle, will be located on the castle grounds, adopting the style of the world-famous chateau.

The hotel will feature only 14 rooms and apartments, a gourmet restaurant with famous chef Alain Ducasse in front, and a wellness temple. Of course, the hotel will have stunning views to Versailles and its orangery with orange and lemon tress. Last, but not least, guests will have exclusive benefits such as free entrance to the chateau and other experiences.

Le Grand Contrôle is named after the building it’s located in. Built in the 1680’s and in use from 1723 up until the French Revolution, this particular building served as the house of financial management for the palace. I wonder if Louis XVI is still watching from somewhere? He’d be in for a surprise!

Prices are still not known, but bookings for Le Grand Contrôle will open in December.
The hotel will be managed by The Airelles Collection, who’s also managing three other properties in France. For more information, click here.

le grand contrôle versailles

The brief history of Versailles

You may or may not remember the history taking place at Versailles a few hundred years ago. If you don’t, I’d recommend you to watch the Netflix series Versailles, which blew my mind. Or you can just read the new few lines to get a recap:
Versailles was the center of royal life during the reign of Louis XVI (also known as ‘the sun king’) and his wife Marie-Antoinette, who was the last queen of France before the French revolution. They lived a pompous life up until 1789, where the Revolution took place. 2.300 rooms occupy 63.154 m2, which makes it the largest castle in the world.


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