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SkinFit: Copenhagen’s new paradise for skincare lovers

SkinFit: Copenhagen’s new paradise for skincare lovers

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A passion for quality skincare and dermatology led founder of SkinFit, Lam Le Hansen, to launch her own clinic in Copenhagen’s new trendy area, Nordhavn earlier this year.
After 20 years as a self-employed cosmetologist educating students and industry professionals, Lam decided it was time to establish a place where people could really get to know their own skin and feel comfortable in it. The result is her cosy clinic which I had the pleasure of visiting a few weeks ago. Keep reading if you want to get one step closer to healthy, glowing skin


Everyone deserves beautiful skin

Since Lam began her journey as a cosmetologist many years ago, one thing stood very clear; she wanted to help de-mystify the world of healthy and beautiful skin. The world of skincare and dermatology is often surrounded by confusion from the client’s point of view. There are so many brands and products to choose from, and everyone seem to have different solutions to your problems.

Sometimes, all we need is a little guidance, help and support to tackle a skincare problem. Everyone deserves good-looking skin, and I want to help my clients achieve that!

Lam Le Hansen, Owner of SkinFit Copenhagen

SkinFit is a small intimate clinic in Copenhagen’s up-and-coming neighbourhood Nordhavn – a spacious area flooded with light, interesting concept stores and cafés. Everywhere you look, you can see the ocean which adds a luxurious touch to the experience of staying here. Lam lives in the city herself and commutes to Nordhavn everyday for work, but as she says; “It’s wonderful to get out of the buzzing city for a while. I’m very happy my clinic is located here”.

Tailormade treatments for every type of skin

Operating the clinic on her own, she offers several different signature facials (one of them which I had the pleasure of trying, but I’ll get back to that in a moment), as well as wax treatments, brows and lash treatments and makeup. Jane Iredale is fixed inventory here and with good reason; it’s one of the world’s cleanest makeup brands, which fit very well with the concept of SkinFit; healthy, natural glowing skin.
Still, facials are what Lam does most of during a week. From a classic “lunch break” facial to micro-needling, power peels and oxygen infusions – not to mention Dermabrasion and LED light therapy. There’s basically nothing you can’t get here; Lam tailor-makes each treatment so it fits the exact needs and desires of the client. And being in her hands is probably one of the best investments you can make if you’d like to treat your skin.

Lam is working her magic.
skinfit copenhagen
Glowing skin after the treatment.

She swears to Dermalogica- both because it simply works, but also because Lam has been working with the brand for decades, teaching her students how to use the specific products in professional treatments. Dermalogica is by many regarded as the world’s most professional skincare brand – personally, I’m a big fan of the products as well. One could say it’s the “Ferrari” of skincare.

Healthy skin comes from the inside

According to Lam, good skin is achieved not only by using the right products outside but also by eating the right supplements.

“I’m offering something called Advanced Nutrition Programme™ – a supplement created specifically for the skin. My philosophy is working on the skin both from the outside and the inside. That simply gives the best results”, Lam says.

Supported by scientific research and produced in the UK, Advanced Nutrition Programme are about as natural as they come; no artificial fillers, preservatives, or anything else that the body can’t easily absorb or digest. There are several different supplements to choose from – based on your specific needs. In connection to my treatment at SkinFit, I tried a package of Skin Youth Biome – a supplement supporting a healthy intestinal flora with more than 5 million active cultures from lactic acid bacterial strains.

The supplements from Advanced Nutrition Programme can be purchased on

Lam is looking forward to welcoming you!

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