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SoulBling: Spiritual Jewelry with Nordic Roots
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SoulBling: Spiritual Jewelry with Nordic Roots

soulbling jewelry

Inspired by my own personal journey and healing process – which was kickstarted during the Pandemic – SoulBling is my own spiritual jewelry brand inviting you to press pause, reflect and heal.

A unique collection of gemstone bracelets and healing crystals, SoulBling Jewelry is not only a jewelry brand but a daily reminder to treat yourself with love and care.

Keep reading if you’re curious about how a bracelet made from Mother Nature’s own precious stones can possibly help and heal you in everyday life.

Healing the body, mind and soul with gemstones and crystals isn’t new. In fact, it goes back thousands of years, e.g. to Ancient Egypt and Greece where this kind of jewelry was used for their metaphysical properties. Wearing amulets dates back even further, and so it’s obvious that mankind has always had a thing with stones and crystals. It’s a direct link between us and nature (two sides of the same coin). Whether for health or protection, gemstones are still seen as something magical – and a gateway to the spiritual world for many. This is exactly why my fascination for stones began when I was just a child.

A passion for crystals

When I first had the idea of creating a spiritual jewelry brand, I was on a challenging and quite overwhelming path in my life. As with many other people during the Pandemic, stress and anxiety had gotten the best of me, and I needed something positive to hold on to. As I’ve always been quite connected to nature, I instantly knew that I had to go back there. I needed to use nature’s healing powers to get back on track. However, I was living in the middle of one of Europe’s largest cities and pristine nature wasn’t easily within reach. As I began meditating and visualizing more often, I realized that I didn’t have to physically move anywhere else to heal myself – I needed to implement new tools and rituals into my daily life to overcome the challenges.

soulbling jewelry
Pyrite from Peru.
Angelite Crystal Bracelet

As I went down the road of self-discovery, which always leads to great insights and self-growth – I began re-connecting to my old passion for crystals. In my cupboard, I still had a nice little collection of Rosequartz, Hematite, Labradorite and Amethyst from when I was a child, and I instinctively knew that I could heal myself using these crystals. My collection grew and I started sourcing these beautiful gemstones from e.g. South America to create my first bracelets.

One thing led to another, and today, SoulBling’s assortment covers about 30 different unique bracelets – all with different healing energies. Each piece is unique meaning that two identical bracelets are rarely sold. On top of that, I’m happy to provide my clients with custom-made pieces, allowing them to design the gemstone bracelets of their dreams.

Each bracelet comes with a description of the stone(s) used and their healing abilities. I’m currently working on a little guide containing specific information about the different crystals I use and how to use them as part of your healing process (expected publishing date: primo 2022).

A daily reminder of self-love

The name SoulBling saw the light of day in Autumn 2021. Looking for a name that would reflect the healing and soulful aspect of the brand yet also the fun and playful side of it, I quickly connected to SoulBling and the feelings it evoked. This isn’t a high end jewelry brand – it’s a spiritual one.

So what does that mean?

It means that you get more than a piece of jewelry. You tap into a lifestyle, an intention, a daily reminder to treat yourself with love and care every single day. Moving away from the use-and-throw-away-culture, my wish is to support women on their journeys towards greater self-understanding and, not least, self-love. In a world that’s constantly changing, it’s easy to become fragile and overwhelmed. We’re not supposed to go through pain or challenging times on our own – we need support, love and guidance.

This is what SoulBling is all about. Support, love and guidance.

Ask yourself; how do I feel right now? Which energies would I like to attract into my life? Is it abundance, security, self-love, focus, strength or self-confidence? Every journey begins with a single step. SoulBling will help you take that step. Click HERE to visit the online shop and get 10% off your first order using the code advent.

With love,

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