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Checking in: STAY Copenhagen
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Checking in: STAY Copenhagen

Sometimes all you need is a hotel room that feels like home. This is exactly what Stay Copenhagen provides. The minimalistic interior and spacious hotel apartments provide an ideal base for both families and business travelers on the lookout for comfortable luxury. 


New York vibes

Islands Brygge, where Stay Copenhagen is located, is a trendy and urban part of the city. It was not always so (back in the 1970’s the area was mainly inhabited by workers), but in recent years hip shops and apartments are flourishing in every street corner.
In the midst of it all lies a large building with spacious balconies and several food shops on the ground floor; this is Stay Copenhagen. The famous Danish design brand Hey are responsible for all interior decorations, which is quite clear already when you arrive in the reception; black and white details accompanied by a certain playfulness and comfort which Hey is famous for. The reception does not look like a regular reception area either – two large tables with standing receptionists behind welcomes you at the entrance. Welcome to your home away from home in Copenhagen.

Watch a video footage from the hotel apartment

The floors look quite alike, for which reason first time visitors could get lost – something which we completely forgot all about when entering our room for the night. It is only fair to say that the hotel apartments here most of all resemble those in New York – only except the view to Manhattan skyline! Here, a different skyline takes form, and guests can enjoy the view to the harbor of Copenhagen and the hotels located on the other side of the channel. It is a lovely sight during the day, but at night the surroundings really come into their own.
Our room was large enough to fit at least four people (two adults and two kids) and there is even a fully equipped kitchen containing everything you need to prepare a dinner “at home”). Facilities of our room also included a flatscreen TV, free wifi, a lounge area with magazines and a spacious bathroom with exclusive bath products.

day and night
Day and night view from the terrace


Spacious surroundings

The panoramic windows really offers some spectacular views (needless to say, sunset and sunrise looks amazing from here!), and we especially enjoyed the balcony, which only needed a couple of chairs and a small table to be complete.
Whenever one gets tired of dancing around the apartment (we did not!), it is recommended to explore the facilities of the first floor. These include one free beverage, a cosy lounge area, which also happens to be the breakfast restaurant, and a heavenly bakery next door. Oh, did we forget the rooftop terrace? The surroundings especially appeal to business travelers on-the-go, but as mentioned before, the property offers plenty of space for families as well.

The lounge area
The lounge area
The kitchen
The kitchen

Stay Copenhagen does not provide restaurant facilities, but the breakfast buffet makes up for that. It is not lavish, but it is top quality and organic – and there is plenty of it. Grab a fresh juice along with a load of bread from the heavenly bakery next door, or what about some homemade granola? You will definitely not leave the table hungry.

If you choose to stay here while you are in Copenhagen, the area definitely deserves to be explored by foot or by bicycle. Walking to the city center takes approximately 15 minutes, but why not relax by the waterfront or do some shopping in the nearby Copenhagen Mall? Stay Copenhagen is for those who values design, minimalism and privacy. We only met few other guests while staying here, and sometimes that kind of luxury should be appreciated as well.

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