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Checking in: Strandhaus Boutique Resort & Spa, Spreewald
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Checking in: Strandhaus Boutique Resort & Spa, Spreewald

Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to experience a little piece of paradise. That’s how I felt spending a day at the charming Strandhaus Boutique Resort & Spa in Spreewald outside Berlin. This could definitely be your next perfect weekend getaway! 

True relaxation at the lake

Since I moved to Berlin 1,5 years ago, I haven’t had the chance to explore its surroundings as much as I’ve wanted to. That finally changed earlier this summer when I embarked on a train from Berlin to the fairytale land of Spreewald. Last-mentioned is located approximately one hour from the buzzing city, but much more about this region a little bit later. Today, it’s all about one specific hotel that stole my heart, namely Strandhaus Boutique Resort & Spa.

strandhaus hotel

In case you didn’t know, I have a weakness for boutique hotels. A boutique hotel is the exact opposite of a large chain hotel; small, intimate, cosy and highly individual in style and interior. Strandhaus fits all these keywords, and it only adds to the experience that there’s only 20 rooms in total. All rooms were occupied on the day I was there, but luckily, there are plenty of other things to see and do here. I recommend checking out the private shelters (can’t find a better word for them in English. In German it’s ‘Ruhewürfeln’) next to the spa area. These one-room wooden cottages with direct access to the lake, are a wonderful invention – especially if you like a little privacy. You can bring drinks and snacks in there, read a book, chill on the grass and watch the boats and canoes slide by. Relaxation guarantee! Next door is the hotel’s small yet charming spa consisting of two saunas, a relaxation area and a room for treatments. I had a wonderful 30-minute massage during my stay.

strandhaus hotel

The essence of hospitality

Part of the reason why Strandhaus is such a unique venue is due to its very lush and green surroundings. Spreewald is famous for its vegetation and many people flock here to find peace and serenity, and now they can do so in style; in my opinion, Strandhaus is one of most luxurious hotel in the region. Also housing a gourmet restaurant, a big garden of 1800 m2, two lounges and a library, you really don’t need much else on your weekend getaway (or in life, for that matter!)

strandhaus hotel

strandhaus hotel

Nature, especially wood, plays a significant role here; not only in the surroundings, but also in the tastefully decorated interior. The word ‘cosy’ comes to mind the minute you step inside the reception, and from that moment on, you feel at home. From the welcoming lobby with a fireplace to the friendly staff; that’s true hospitality to me. Certainly, the history of Strandhaus is also worth mentioning, as it has laid the foundation for what you see today. More about that in the box below. 

strandhaus hotel

Whether you’re looking for the perfect venue for your wedding, you’re a fan of boutique hotels like me or you’re just looking to try out something different on your next trip to Berlin, there are so many reasons to pass by Strandhaus Boutique Resort & Spa. For an entire weekend or for a single day; I’m sure you’ll be just as enchanted as I was.

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strandhaus hotel

The history of Strandhaus Boutique Resort & Spa: 

Today it’s a hotel, but it originally housed a restaurant when it first opened in 1930. The owner at the time, a confectioner, chose the (for the region) common name, Strandkaffee, and the current owners wanted to carry on the legacy by naming their hotel Strandhaus. There actually is a beach nearby; the artificially constructed lagoon, SpreeLagune. 

The main building of Strandhaus has been used as a café and restaurant for decades, even during World War II and the DDR – and it remains this way. Service and gastronomy is simply in the DNA of the house. 

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