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Sustainable Marketing: What It Is And Why Your Business Should Invest In It
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Sustainable Marketing: What It Is And Why Your Business Should Invest In It

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There’s hardly any doubt anymore; the future is green. That also applies to marketing, but how does it work in practice? And are you ready to embrace the concept? In this article, I’m inviting you to learn the basics of sustainable marketing and prep your business for a green(er) future.

A strong business strategy

Traditional marketing has been around for a long time, but sustainable marketing hasn’t. More than ever, businesses need fresh perspectives on sales and communication, and they need to keep up to speed with their customers. A research conducted by Forbes tells us that millennials are becoming the most important consumer group – and they do care how and where they spend their money. Apparently, roughly 70% (!) will pay more for brands supporting a cause they care about.

This brings me straight to why sustainable marketing is crucial. Not only do consumers expect brands to be environmentally aware – going green is also a very strong business strategy leading to increased revenue and a better position on the market.
It’s no longer enough to only secure the needs and desires of ourselves; we must cater to the generations ahead of us. The best way to do that as a business, is to adopt a sustainable approach – and when your procedures are in place, you can embark on the journey of sustainable marketing.

If a business isn’t committed to sustainability in one way or another, there can be no sustainable marketing. If there were, it would be greenwashing.

Regitse Rosenvinge

Whereas a traditional marketing approach would mainly focus on profit, a sustainable marketing approach includes both people, planet and profits. A much needed shift for consumers as well, as we’re frankly quite tired of traditional marketing methods making us feel needy, inadequate and manipulated. How many times haven’t you bought a product because you were promised that it could potentially change your life, only to realize that this certainly wasn’t the case?

Sustainable marketing does the opposite.

Supporting a good cause

The world is changing and consumers are starting to care. So, what exactly do they (we) care about? First and foremost, to support a good cause. Sustainable marketing is all about communicating your business’ commitment to sustainability, whether that comes in the shape of an actual cause, developing eco products with lower CO2 impact, supporting local groups and communities, creating social equity, planting trees etc. There are luckily many ways to be creative when creating a green marketing strategy, but the goal is to be true to your values and stick with them.

Like any healthy relationship, sustainable marketing is largely based on trust and loyalty. If your business stays true to its core values and communicate them well, your consumers will thank you by becoming loyal customers and supporting you in making the world a better place. Honesty is always the best policy.

Whether you operate a business in hospitality, wellness or any other industry, there are numerous benefits of embracing sustainable marketing. Some of these are:

  • Building a strong brand
  • Attracting a growing market of sustainable-oriented consumers
  • Attracting loyal employees who are also passionate about making a difference in the world
  • Gaining a stronger foothold in the market, as more people are starting to look for an invest in sustainable businesses
  • Creating a purpose-driven work place

I can help you create and establish a strong sustainable marketing strategy. Send me an email to learn more.

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