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Checking in: Lydmar Hotel, Stockholm

If you’re looking for that laid-back hotel experience in Stockholm, Lydmar Hotel would be it! This 4 star hotel gives you that ‘home away from home’ feeling, which I have only experienced in few other places abroad. So without further ado, here’s what you can expect. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   Informal yet comfortable Usually one would arrive to Stockholm by plane, but this …

Hotels, Reviews

Checking in: Hotel Vestibul Palace, Split (Croatia)

During the first part of my Croatia Tour in September I had the pleasure of staying in Split for a couple of days – and just as I thought I knew everything about vacationing in Southern Europe, this gem kicked me off my feet with its authenticity, exotic charm and breathtaking history. In the midst of …

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Historical luxury at Nimb Hotel in Copenhagen

Nimb Hotel in the heart of Copenhagen has always attracted connoisseurs and hedonists from all corners of the world. This year the hotel can celebrate their 104 years birthday and the historical settings still frame a luxury experience out of the ordinary. Join us for a tour at the hotel, which combines the magic of the amusement park …