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Green Travel

5 ways to travel more sustainably in 2021 and beyond.

how to travel more sustainably

One of this year’s hot travel topics – right after vaccinations and Corona regulations – is sustainability. More than ever, we want to know how we can minimize our CO2-footprints when venturing out into the world. Travel isn’t very sustainable in itself, but it seems like nothing can stop us from continuously exploring the beauty …

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Make it local: a new way to think (hospitality) business

hospitality marketing

One thing is certain: when everything is unsure, anything can happen! I choose to see this as a good thing, especially during these challenging Covid-19 times! In this B2B post, I’m addressing what hotels can do to survive the current crisis – and even thrive afterwards. The keyword is ‘local’, and it’s not only great for …

Green Travel

A quick guide to eco-friendly living

Back in 2016, I published an interview (click the link below to read it) with the renowned Dr. Kelly Bricker, chairman of the International Eco Tourism Society. The interview tapped into trends in the tourism industry and what we as travelers can do to travel more sustainably. It was a big success; in fact that …

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Checking in: Landgut Stober, Germany

If eco travel interests you, you should definitely be paying attention now. The reason? I have found the most sustainable hotel in all of Europe! The name is Landgut Stober and it’s located just North of Berlin, Germany. Welcome to a hotel, where history and the future of tourism melts together.  Sponsored Organic and fair-trade Nestling in …