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Top 5 Travel- & Hotel Trends in 2020
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Top 5 Travel- & Hotel Trends in 2020

700.000 heures

If you’re working in hospitality – and with marketing, specifically – you might want to know a thing or two about this year’s top trends and tendencies, which are changing the industry. In this post, I’ve gathered the 5 most interesting ones to keep an eye on. 

5 hotel trends in 2020 and beyond

Garden Hotels

Travelers can look forward to a decade full of green hotels – in several ways! The idea of the ‘garden hotel’ is already on the rise with properties in England, South Africa and Spain. Landscaped gardens, organic vegetable and fruit gardens and agricultural hotels with workshops and dining experiences in the ‘wild’ are just some of the things we can look forward to in the coming years. What a beautiful trend!

garden hotels

Cultural hubs

We already know the idea of the hotel lifestyle experience (a hotel isn’t just a hotel, but must offer a variety of experiences to keep guests interested), so this trend lands on a soft place in 2020. Hotels are shaping culture like never before! The London-based boutique hotel, The Mandrake, already have a regular artist-in-residence programme, and other hotels are hosting festivals, workshops and publishing books. Now, there’s something to look forward to!

cultural hotels


Micro (and spartan) hotels

When social trends become so big that we can call them mainstream, a response will always occur in the shape of the exact opposite! A good example of this is social media. In 2020 – and the years to follow – we’ll see a rise in natural and environmentally friendly solutions, e.g. within tourism, simply because consumers wish to make a difference and do something completely different. It almost feels like we’re satiated when it comes to social media. Hence, a new trend of ‘micro hotels’ is emerging. This means traveling with just the bare minimum, checking in to simple hotels disconnected from society. Get back to nature and stay in a remote hotel with no internet and simply enjoy life as it is…. wow!

micro hotels


Nomadic hotels

Expect the unexpected with a stay in a ‘nomadic hotel’. You probably guessed it right; it’s a hotel that moves location. French hotelier Thierry Teyssier is setting the trend with his company, 700.000 heures, who are managing hotels what move location every 6 months! They temporarily transform extravagant private homes, transferring staff and a collection of more than 100 handmade steamer trunks, that open out into daybeds, cocktail bars and showers and so guests can eat sleep and be pampered under the stars. The first European nomadic hotel experience has already seen the light of day in Italy, and several places in Asia are up next.

700.000 heuresCredit: 700.000 Heures (the world’s first nomadic hotel experience)


The wellness- and mindfulness travel trend certainly isn’t over – in fact, it’s back in full force in 2020! And by that, I’m specifically referring to ‘nakations’. Yes, naked vacations where guests shouldn’t wear a single thing, but feel free and connect with nature. Naked retreats and holidays are on the rise! London’s first naked restaurant is re-opening soon, and the urge to swim wild and do naked yoga is apparently also in high demand. Prepare for the naked truth!



5 travel trends in 2020 and beyond


Reducing CO2 emissions

It should come as no surprise that the climate crisis is also affecting the way we travel. According to Condé Nast, we’ll see a rise in sustainable accommodation and train travel, and travelers are also more prone to donating money to renewable energy projects and embracing the ‘positive luxury’ approach when it comes to high end travel. Local travel where people are exploring their own countries, cities or even neighborhoods, is also continuing to get bigger.

Hipster cruises

Speaking of not traveling by plane; cruises are more popular than ever. Gone are the days where cruise holidays would only appeal to older people – say hi to the ‘hipster cruise’! Just as sassy as it sounds, a hipster cruise is designed to fit the needs of Gen Z. With Richard Branson and Virgin at the forefront with ‘Scarlet Lady’ (a part of the new Virgin Voyages launching in 2020), the hipster cruise trend is certainly arriving in style. So what do Gen Z want from such as cruise? A tattoo parlour, karaoke studios, an open-air gym, bars serving craft beer and Vegan restaurants, for example… what else?!


Visiting lesser known places

The rise of the so-called ‘second-city travel’ has seen the light of day. Travelers want to explore lesser known places in order to reduce over-tourism (another effect of the climate crisis), and so the Danish islands are actually one of the top runners in this category! After all, there are more than 400 of them… Galway in Ireland, remotely located coffee farms in Panama and surf paradise destinations on the Phillipines are also amongst the trending destinations.

And speaking of Gen Z… with Great Thunberg flying the flag for this massive generation, I wonder if luxury travel brands should start preparing for their client’s children to put pressure on their parents to travel more responsibly? You heard it here first!



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