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Why good copywriting is still essential for hotels

Why good copywriting is still essential for hotels

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I’ve written quite a lot about digitalization in hospitality and how hoteliers can embrace digital tools to meet the needs of future guests. However, there’s still a very non-digital tool that I’d like to emphasize as being one of the most efficient ones when it comes to hotel marketing. The word, ladies and gentlemen, is copywriting.

A cost-efficient solution

Writing is a life-long passion of mine. I’ve been doing it professionally for most of my adult life, so it was a natural decision for me to implement copywriting as one of the core services in my agency. In the world of marketing, nothing stands still and there are constantly new trends emerging, so as a marketing consultant, it can be tough sticking to just a few services. What if you miss out? What if your clients want something that you don’t offer? I believe that if you stand up to your (marketing) values and work solely with solutions that you truly believe in yourself, you’ll automatically attract the right clientele. Hence, I was never afraid of keeping copywriting as one of my key services – cause I know it simply works! Did I mention that it’s also one of the most cost-efficient ways to market a business, let alone a hotel? It is.

Studies have shown that the human brain processes images 60.000 times faster than text – we’re simply prone to stick around longer if photos or videos are involved. While that’s a fact, it isn’t the whole-hearted truth. As a hotel owner or GM, you want to see your hotel’s passion, spirit and DNA communicated through words on your website, social media channels and even sales material. Why? Because good storytelling (which copywriting essentially is), will transport people directly from their warm seats to your hotel in just a few seconds.

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Storytelling is packed with value

As the Marketing guru Neil Patel puts it;

“Copywriting is one of the most essential elements of effective online marketing”.

Putting writing in your marketing plan isn’t hopelessly old-fashioned; in fact, it’s exactly what makes your guests click on online ads, open newsletters with captivating headlines and, of course, book a stay in your hotel rather than going to the neighboring property.

A LOT of elements go into crafting a captivating text, which is why most hotels – big or small – choose to outsource this part of their marketing to either an agency or a skilled employee. You can spend days crafting an amazing newsletter or a blog post jam packed with value, but if the headline isn’t good, no one will ever click on it. That’s a waste of both working hours and great content!

There’s no doubt that hotels need to embrace digitalization (also in marketing), but copywriting will remain as one of the core pillars of a strong marketing plan to generate more bookings and sales. A story carries the promise of a good guest experience and by carefully creating anticipation through words, you as a hotel can turn your audience from observers into actual guests.

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Three key metrics of captivating hotel copy:

Be authentic

You can hire the most prodigious copywriter to write your content, but if the words have nothing to do with reality, your brand looses its credibility. Never pretend that you’re someone you’re not, but simply have your writing done in a way that fits your hotel brand, your values and your guests.

Be honest

Great copy needs to reflect reality in an inspiring way. You can tell the truth in a compelling way, and that’s essentially what guests expect when visiting a hotel’s website or social media channels. They want a refuge from everyday life, but not something that’s unattainable or sugar-coated. Give your guests a clear idea of what they can expect when visiting your property and let them enter your little paradise through your website.

Find your ‘why’

This goes for all brands; if you know your WHY (your purpose and reason for offering a specific product or service), copywriting gets much easier and less frightening. It’s the key to good storytelling. If you as a hotelier know what makes your particular hotel unique, it’s simply about getting those stories out!

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